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Living Decca SXL Blueback Guide


{A new title for this page as I can say with confidence that no other resource can compete with our release cross references in the tables below. Our London Stereo Treasury listing stands apart as no other resource has a tenth the information.}

Well here it is shoe horned on our lovely blog, a complete "Living" cross reference for the vintage Decca/London LPs and their reissues (no Opera per AQL). This document will be "Living" in many ways. First we will be linking like mad. For the SXL and Blueback CS release numbers if they are alive then you may click on them and the album cover will appear on a new page. If the piece is alive it will bring our review up on a new page (which will have pictures too).

We hope to suss out what is the best pressing for each LP, so for performance and sound ratings we are open ears. We will be marking what we think to be the best sounding copy. This is where our readers come in, so please comment with your ratings and any corrections. Aqlam and myself we'll be working with the format a bit before putting in the links since the blog interface is not flexible, so suggestions early on for format are most welcome.

We can't compress the information any more so forgive us for not having pricing on this page (too much to keep up.) The first column is the original Decca FFSS catalog number (SXLxxxxx). The London Blueback number follows (CSxxxx). You'll note some Decca mono LXT numbers when Decca released no SXL. They have been placed to show up roughly chronologically with their recording dates, so the list starts out with some LXT entries for recordings from 1955 and 1956 and then some from 1957 and 1958. We also have some LXT piles around the SXL2100, 2200, and 2300 marks for the later years. If the recording notes show one of these LXT only releases to be from the same recording sessions as another SXL stereo release, then the LXT is placed just below the corresponding SXL. The great sounding Argenta National Orchestra of Spain and other Spanish recordings are lumped together with the one Argenta NOS release on SXL.

The rest of the columns are easy, if a little cramped, but you'll quickly make them out their outlines as many cell entries are blank. STS is for London STS Treasury with numbers in the 15000s. Next we have Decca Ace of Daimonds (ACE) followed by the coveted Eclipse (ECS) and "The World of..." SPA releases. We almost forgot Decca Jubilee and their pristine sound floor. The Jubilee JB-xxx (JL-xxxxx for hosers in Canada) will have to be thrown in the the rest of the columns where space permits along with the King Super Analogue tube cut reissues. After the P and S columns (discussed next paragraph), we have Composer, Pieces (with Soloist, if any), Orchestra, and the Conductor trailing off the page. Those on Android may not enjoying viewing the grid on their smart phones, but they'll just have to try some times two magnification goggles.

Our P and S columns are for performance and sound on a ten point scale which is 0 to 9 in order to save space, so a 9 is a perfect score. The rating system will be a bit more discriminating then our normal scale for sound in that we will double are normal rating and subtract 2. That means our 5 will be an 8. Only 5+, or 5.5, or 6 would actually translated to the top rating of 9. For performance the ratings will be double our standard rating less 1.

We'd like to link mini reviews possibly when a recording has not been formally reviewed on the site, but that will not happen immediately until we are confident that our external image hosting is working perfectly (the mini reviews would be stored as images.)

Well, hopefully you are as excited as we are to have this resource online. I am sure it will be coming alive quite rapidly so please check the notify box in the comments section at the bottom of this post to keep up to date. We strongly recommend the use of the notify box on all our post comment sections.

See the pressing legend at the end of the list. For a more compact, but lower resolution view of the covers be sure to visit Youngrok Lee's Decca SXL site. And don't miss his complete Columbia SAX covers.



Pieces and Soloists
Apollon Musagete 
LXT5154 CS6035 15048 SDD242 Stravinsky Concerto & Capriccio for Piano Magaloff  OSR Ansermet

JB 411 
Diabelli Variations Backhaus



Scenes Alsaciennes & Pittoresques
Francs-juges|Roi Lear|Carnaval|Corsair 



Suite No. 3 in G Major Opus 55
Lieutenant Kije
LXT5177 CS6169 15035 ECS687 Mozart/Schubert Div. 11/Five Menuets & German Dances  StCO Munchinger
SWL8022 CS6181 15099 SDD201 Schumann Piano Concerto A/Waldscenen Backhaus VPO Ward
LXT5348 CS6013 15020 Debussy Images pour Orchestre  OSR Argenta
SWL8005 CS6032 15037 SDD205 Dvorak Serenade in E Major for Strings Op. 22 Israel Kubelik
LXT5369 CS6080 Haydn Symphonies No. 96 & No. 104  VPO Munchinger
LXT5280 CS6082 15026 ECS807 SPA493 Schumann/Weber Piano Concerto/Konzertstuck Gulde VPO Andreae
LXT5302 CS6084 15142 ECS663 SPA183 Paganini/Saint-Saen Violin Concertos Campoli LSO Gamba
LXT5305 CS6086 15110 ECS578 Bartok Concerto for Orchestra  OSR Ansermet
LXT5325 CS6087
Operatic Highlights for Orchestra  LSO Gamba
LXT5335 CS6088 15044 Grieg/Mozart Holberg Suite/Petits Riens  StCO Munchinger

Tpt Conc./Flute Conc. 2 Pepin/Leloir
Snow Maiden/Islamey - Oriental Fantasy
LXT5306 CS6108 15143 SPA221 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 "Pathétique" OSR Ansermet
LXT5293 CS6109 15059 ECS796 Mozart Quintet for Piano & Winds, Trio K498  Vienna Octet
LXT5022 CS6126 ECS576 Borodin Symphonies Nos. 2 & 3|Prince Igor Ov.  OSR Ansermet
SXL2001 CS6038 15221 SDD112 SPA108 Tchaikovsky Ov. 1812|Capricci Italien|Marche Slave  LSO Alwyn
SXL2002 CS6019 SPA334 JL41020 Beethovn Piano Concerto No. 5 Curzon VPO Knappertsbusch
LXT5394 CS6030 15027 ECS701 Brahms(KIJC9200) Academic Fest/Tragic Ovs./Haydn Vars.  VPO Knappertsbusch
SXL2003 CS6037 15038 SDD105 Beethoven Symphony No. 5/Egmont Overture  OSR Ansermet
SXL2004 CS6052 15018 SDD138 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6(KIJC9005)  VPO Martinon
SXL2005 CS6020 15007 SDD128 Dvorak Symphony No. 9 "New World" VPO Kubelik
LXT5290 CS6083 15125 Dvorak Symphony No. 7  VPO Kubelik
SXL2006 CS6010 SPA 88 9 8 Mendelssohn/Bruch Violin Concerto/Violin Concerto 1 Ricci LSO Gamba
SXL2007 CS6005 15005 SDD109 SPA376 8 8 Rossini-Resphigi La Boutique Fantasque/Sorc Apprentice  Israel Solti
SXL2008 CS6015 15021
Overtures in HiFi PCO Wolff
SXL2009 CS6025 15006 SDD115 6 6 Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique  PCO Argenta
SXL2010 CS6054 9 7 Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 Backhaus VPO Schmitt-Iss
SXL2011 CS6009 SDD240 ECS819 Stravinsky Petrushka (original version) OSR Ansermet
SXL2012 CS6049 15040 SDD111 wL8007 SPA421 9 7 Grieg Peer Gynt Incidental Music  LSO Fjelstadt
SXL2013 CS6016 15001 SDD117 Brahms Symphony No. 1  VPO Kubelik
SXL2015 CS6048 ECS742 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4  OSR Argenta
SXL2016 CS6014 KIJC- 9006 This is Vienna Accelerations-Vienna Woods Waltzes... VPO Knappertsbusch
SXL2017 CS6017 15139 SDD246 ECS817 Stravinsky The Firebird (KIJC-9222) OSR Ansermet
SXL2019 CS6044 15403 JB63 DOR -0172 Vivaldi The Four Seasons  StCO Munchinger
SXL2020 CS6006 SDD216 ECS797
Espana (Capricio Espagnol) LSO Argenta
SXL2021 CS6058 15051 SDD139 SPA203 6 6 Massenet/Meyerbeer Le Cid/Les Platineurs  Israel Martinon
SXL2024 CS6041 15039 Chopin Impromptus1-4/BercDM/BarcF#M/Noc3 Scherzo3 Kempff
SXL2025 CS6042 15050 SDD195 Chopin Sonatas No. 2 in Bmaj & No. 3 in Bmin Op 35/58 Kempff
SXL2026 CS6047 15015 SDD110 ECS775 9 7 Mendelssohn/Bruch Violin Conc./Scottish Fantasia Campoli LPO Boult
SXL2027 CS6043 15022 SDD375 Debussy/Dukas Jeux/La Peri  OSR Ansermet
SXL2028 CS6051 Schubert Octet in F Major Op. 166 Vienna Octet
SXL2029 CS6011 15263 Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Campoli LSO Argenta
SPAIN1 CS6029 Halffter  Sinfonietta  NOS Argenta
SPAIN2 CS6050 Falla/Turina Three Cornered Hat/Sinfonietta  NOS Argenta
SPAIN3 CS6130 Guridi/Albenz/Turina Basque Dances/Navarra/Rocio|Torreo NOS Argenta
SPAIN4 CS6148 Breton Andalusian Scenes etc  NOS Argenta
SPAIN5 CS6152 Preludes and Intermezzi from Zarzuelas  NOS Argenta
SPAIN6 CS6201 Bach/Vivaldi&Pilau Chaconne/Guitar Concertos Alonso NOS Yepes
SPAIN7 CS6202 Halffter/Turina Rapsodia Portuguesa&Sinfonica Alonso NOS Sorian
SPAIN8 CS6356 Rodrigo/Ghana Fantasia/Concert Yepes NOS de Burgos
LXT5460 CS6039 15049 ECS595 Virtuos Showpieces Jota Arognesa/From Homeland/Le Vent Burleska Ricci
SXL2034 CS6055 8 8 Tchaik/Rachmaninov  Concert Fantasia/Piano Conc. 1 Katin LPO Boult
LXT5446 CS6059 ECS746 Prokofiev Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 Ricci OSR Ansermet
SXL2037 CS6062 15052 SDD141 ECS755 swL8020 Bizet Carmen Suite/L'Arlesienne Suite OSR Ansermet
LXT5457 CS6060 15041 ECS695 Haydn Sonata Nos. 52/48/34/Andante Variazioni FantasaCM Backhaus
SXL2042 CS6031 ECS818 Stravinsky Rite of Spring  OSR Ansermet
SXL2044 CS6026 15594 SDD221 ECS809 9 7 Chopin/Delibes Les Sylphides/La Source  PCO Maag
SXL2045 CS6061 15140 SDD130 SPA467 Schubert Symphony No. 9 "Great" LSO Krips
SXL2046 CS6066 15141 Mozart/Tchaikovsky Nachtmusik/Serenade 13 & for Strings  Israel Solti
SXL2047 CS6007 15012 SDD133 Strauss,J Blue Danube  VPO Krips
SXL2059 CS6004 15002 SDD118 7 6 Brahms Symphony No. 2  VPO Kubelik
SXL2060 CS6001 15084 SDD159 SPA451 9 9 Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night's Dream  LSO Maag
SXL2061 CS6024 15109 SDD214 Debussy/Ravel La Mer|Aftn Faun/Rhapsodie Espagnol  OSR Ansermet
SXL2062 CS6023 SDD374 ECS813 DPA619 Ravel/Debussy Ma Mere l'Oye/Nocturnes  OSR Ansermet
BR 3020


Ovs. Coriolan|Egmont|Leonora 3|Fidelio
Ma Vlast 
SXL2067 CS6065 15008 SDD121 swL8002 Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4/Schubert Sym. No. 5  Israel Solti
SXL2076 CS6064 15086 SDD181 SPA505 Rachmaninov Concerto No. 2 Katchen LSO Solti
SXL2077 CS6067 15054 SDD276 SPA398 Sibelius Violin Concerto Ricci LSO Fjelstad
SXL2081 CS6040 15029 SDD140 Chopin Ballade3/Spianto-Brillante/FantaisieFmin PolFanA Kempff
SXL2082 CS6008 15596 Strauss, J. Champagne|Pizzicato|Explosion Polkas.. VPO Boskovsky
SXL2084 SA2201 SDD371 Deiibes Coppelia Ballet OSR Ansermet
SXL2085 SA2201 Deiibes Coppelia Ballet OSR Ansermet
SWL8009 CS6128 swL8010 Deiibes Coppelia Highlights  OSR Ansermet
SXL2086 CS6018 15126 SDD151 Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade  PCO Ansermet
SXL2091 CS6046 15199 SPA233 Rodrigo/Falla Guitar Concerto/Nights Gardens Yepes NOS Argenta
SXL2092 SA2203 SDD378 Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker Ballet Op. 71  OSR Ansermet
SXL2093 SA2203 Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker Ballet Op. 71  OSR Ansermet
SWL8010 CS6097 15569 9 8 Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suites No. 1 & No. 2  OSR Ansermet
SXL2097 CS6033 SDD124 SPA318 Liszt Piano Concertos No. 1 & No. 2 Katchen LPO Argenta
SXL2098 CS6027 15085 Haydn Symphonies No. 94 & No. 99  VPO Krips
SKL4043 CS6102
Pipe Organ Favourites  Rees
LXT5288 CS6121 15023 Operatic Highlights for Orchestra Vol. 2  Maggio Gavazzeni
LXT5516 CS6085 ECS579 Bach/Scarlatti/ Schumann/Chopin/Brahms/Rachmaninov
SXL2104 CS6022 15003 SDD119 Brahms Symphony No. 3  VPO Kubelik
SXL2105 CS6077 15057 Invitation to the Dance  PCO Wolff
SXL2106 CS6096 15111 SDD226 Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3 Katchen LSO Gamba
SXL2107 SA2304 SDD354 6 6 Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Ballet  OSR Ansermet
SXL2108 SA2304 6 6 Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Ballet  OSR Ansermet
SXL2109 CS6095 15017 SDD142 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5  VPO Krips
SXL2110 CS6090 SDD185 Schubert Trout Quintet  Curzon et al
SXL2112 CS6074 15056 ECS645 Weber Overtures  OSR Ansermet
SXL2113 CS6036 SDD281 Rimsky Korsakov XmasEve/Sadko|Dubinushka|BumbleBee OSR Ansermet
SXL2114 CS6100 15471 SDD191 K38C 70032 Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 Curzon LSO Solti
SXL2115 SA2302 Handel Organ Concertos Vol. 1 Richter
SXL2116 CS6070 15055 SDD104 ECS671 Beethoven Symphony No. 4  OSR Ansermet
SXL2121 CS6093 Beethoven Symphony No. 7  VPO Solti
SXL2124 CS6092 Beethoven Symphony No. 5  VPO Solti
SXL2125 SA2301 JB61 Bach Brandenburg Concertos No. 1 & No. 6  StCO Munchinger
SXL2126 SA2301 SDD187 JB62 Bach Brandenburg Concertos No. 2 & No. 5  StCO Munchinger
SXL2127 SA2301 swL8001 Bach Brandenburg Concertos No. 3 & No. 4  StCO Munchinger
SXL2128 CS6098 15010 SDD125 SPA384 Adam Giselle  PCO Martinon
SXL2134 CS6101 15031 SDD217 8 7 Berlioz Rackoczy Benvenuto|Corsaire|Beatrice|Carnaval  PCO Martionon
SXL2135 CS6107 15087 SDD122 Mozart Symphonies No. 32 & No. 38 (SDD331)  LSO Maag
SXL2136 CS6079 15042 SDD293 Debussy La Boite a Joujoux|Printemps  OSR Ansermet
LXT5292 CS6110 15144 Brahms Symphony No. 1  VPO Krips
LXT5278 CS6111 15024 Respighi Pines of Rome|Casella/La Gera  AdSC Previtalli
LXT5271 CS6112 Frescobaldi/Petrassi Quattro Pezzi|Conc. No. 1 for Orchestra AdSC Previtalli
LXT5232 CS6120 15032 Beethoven Symphonies No. 1 & No. 8  OSR Ansermet
SXL2141 CS6116 15108 Glazunov The Seasons-Ballet Opus 67 PCO Wolff
LXT5241 CS6117 15060 SPA223 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5  PCO Solti
LXT5245 CS6118 15120 ECS703 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 2 "Little Russian"  PCO Solt
SXL2153 CS6127 15598 SDD257 Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Ballet Highlights OSR Ansermet
SXL2154 CS6129 15083 SDD175 JB27 JL41017 9 6 Strauss,R Also Sprach Zarathustra  VPO Karajan
SXL2155 CS6134 ECS670 Lalo/Ravel Symphonie Espagnole/Tzigane Ricci  OSR Ansermet
SXL2156 CS6131 15061 8 7 Schubert Symphonies No. 2 & No. 8  VPO Munchinger
SXL2157 CS6132 15361 SDD200 Beethoven Septet in Emaj for strings and winds Vienna Octet
SXL2158 CS6063 15053 SDD256 Beethoven/Mozart Quintet Emaj Piano .../Div. No. 1 Emaj  Vienna Octet
SXL2163 CS6149 15268 KIJC- 9111 Vienna Carnival  Spheres&Morning Wtz|Donner und Blitz VPO Boskovsky
SXL2164 CS6147 15090 SDD170 JB69 Ravel Daphnis & Chloe  LSO Monteux
SXL2165 CS6145 SDD103 Beethoven Symphony No. 3  "Eroica" VPO Solti
SXL2166 CS6150 15016 SDD131 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4  PCO Wolff
SXL2172 CS6151 15209 SDD137 SPA385 Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 Katchen LSO Monteux
SXL2173 CS6157 15407 JB104 swL8012 Grieg/Franck/Litolff PC/Sym. Variations/Scherzo Curzon LSO Boult
SXL2174 CS6146 SDD194 8 8 Suppe Overtures  VPO Solti
SXL2176 CS6153 SDD428 ECS668 swL8505 8 7 Rachman|Dohnanyi Rhap Paganini|Variaton Nursery Katchen LPO Boult(SPA505P)
SXL2177 CS6154 SDD452 Wolf-Ferrari Jewels Susanna|Father|Campiello|Dama Boba   PCO Nello-Santi
SXL2178 CS6099 SWL8008|16 JL41013 9 8 Beethoven(SPA69) Piano Conc. No. 1|"Pathétique"Backhaus VPO Schmitt-Iss
SXL2178 CS6188
SWL 8016 JL41013 Beethoven(SPA69) Piano Conc. No. 2|"Moonlight" Backhaus VPO Schmitt-Iss
SXL2179 CS6156 KIJC- 9214 Beethoven Piano Conc. No. 5 "Emporer" Backhaus VPO Schmitt-Iss
SXL2182 CS6089 15030 Rossini William Tell Semiramide|Gazza Ladra|Cenerentola LSO Maag
SXL2183 CS6106 15123 Liszt Polonaise 1&2 6 Consolations|Fant. Quasi|Apres Dante Katin
SXL2187 SA2302 Handel Organ Concertos Vol. 2 Richter
SXL2188 CS6138 15011 SDD136 ECS776 Stravinsky Song of the Nightingale|Pulcinella Suite  OSR Ansermet
SXL2189 CS6179 8 7 Britten Four Sea Interludes|Passacaglia Pears Britten
SXL2190 CS6094
swL8016 9 7 Beethoven Piano Conc. No. 3|"Moonlight" Backhaus VPO Schmitt-Iss
SXL2193 CS6160 15064 SDD106 Beethoven Symphony No. 6 "Pastorale" OSR Ansermet
SXL2194 CS6163

Paganini 24 Caprices  Ricci

9117  SDD271

5 6 Mussorgsky/Liszt
Pictures at an Exhibition/The Huns
SXL2196 CS6133 15088 SDD171 ECS740 SPA550 Mozart Lucio Silla Serenata Nott./Nott. for 4 Orch.|Thamos  LSO Maag
SXL2197 CS6165 SDD420 ECS808 Bizet/Saint-Saens Saraste Carmen&Zig/Havan|Capr Ricci LSO Gamba
SXL2198 CS6182 Philharmonic Ball Danube|Egyptian|Pizzicato|Perpetuum.. VPO Boskovsky
LXT5029 CS6173 Bach Gmin Fugue Wachet|Emin Fugue|Himmel|Kommst  Richter
BR3060 CS6185 SPA314 Delibes Coppelia|Sylvia  OSR Ansermet

CS6220 15104 SDD203 Franck Deuxieme Chorale|Grande Piece Sym.  Demessieux

CS6221 15105 SDD204 Franck Heroique Pastorale|Prelude, Fugue et Variation Demessieux
SET227 CS6245 Wagner Flying Dutchman/Tannhauser/Rienzi  VPO Solti
SXL2201 SA2302 Handel Organ Concertos Vol. 3 Richter
LW 5349 CS6159 15151 Bartok/Beethoven Music Strings Perc. Celesta|Grosse Fuge OSR Ansermet
SXL2204 CS6142 15063 SDD310 Bach The Musical Offering  StCO Munchinger
SXL2205 15065 KIJC- 9011/124 Bach English Suite6 French Suite 5|Gmaj Fugues 1.15&2.39  Backhaus
SXL2206 CS6170 15004 SDD120 Brahms Symphony No. 4  VPO Kubelik
SXL2207 CS6078 15216 Vaughan Williams Symp. No. 8|Partita Double String Orch. Phiih Boult
SXL2211 SDD154 5 5 Faure Requiem  OSR Ansermet
SXL2212 SDD168 Ravel L'Enfants et Les Sortilege  OSR Ansermet
SXL2214 CS6141 15062 SDD116 K38C- 70032 9 7 Mozart Piano Conc. 27|"Alla Turca" Backhaus VPO Bohm
SXL2218 CS6187 Prokofiev/Saint-Sns Peter and the Wolf|Carnival Animals LSO Henderson
SXL2219 CS6172 SDD258 K38C- 70044 Bach/Liszt BMV565|639|582/Fantasia on Bach Richter
SXL2220 CS6081 15058 SDD178 swL8006 Mozart  Symphonies No. 41 & No. 35  Israel Krips
SXL2221 CS6012 SDD282 7 7 Rimsky-Korsakov Russian Easter|May Night|Tsar Saltan OSR Ansermet
SXL2222 CS6021 15047 KIJC- 9178 Brahms Six Pieces Capr Bmin 2|Rhap Bmin 1|Intermezzi  Backhaus
SXL2223 15019 SDD157 Schumann Symphonies No. 1 & No. 4  LSO Krips
SXL2228 CS6184 15068 SDD102 ECS739 Beethoven Sym. No. 2|Leonora No. 2 Overture  OSR Ansermet
SXL2229 CS6186 Mend/Schubert Midsummer Nights Dream/Rosamunde  OSR Ansermet
SXL2231 CS6174 15152 Ravel/Prokofiev String Quartet/String Quartet No. 2 Carrnirelli Qt
SXL2232 CS6196 Searle/Seiber Sym. No. 1/Elegy Viola|Young Man LPO Boult/Seiber
SXL2235 CS6183 15067 SDD107 SPA237 Beethoven Symphony No. 7/Fidelio Overture OSR Ansermet
SXL2236 CS6195 SDD223 Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2  LSO
SXL2237 CS6190 SDD238 ECS821 Strav(414 062-1)JB Sym. in C/Sym. in 3 mvmts.(KIJC 9105)  OSR Ansermet
SXL2238 CS6178 15597 SDD331 SWL 8011&24 9 8 Mozart Clarinet Conc.|Horn Concs. Tuckwell LSO Maag
SXL2239 CS6192 15045 K38C- 70039 Schub/Weber/Nicolia Nutcracker/Militaire/Inv. Dance/Windsor VPO Knappersbutsch
SXL2240 CS6193 15153 Ricci Solo Recital Stravinsky/Bartok/Prokofiev/Hindemith
SXL2241 CS6161 KIJC- 9137 Beethoven(SPA69) Waldstein No. 21 & Appassionata No. 23 ( Backhaus
SXL2243 CS6194 SDD180 Albeniz/Turina lberia/ Danzas Fantasticas  OSR Ansermet
SXL2244 CS6189 15069 Beethoven Symphony No. 3 "Eroica" OSR Ansermet
SXL2245 CS6213 15094 Classical Indian Muisc intro by Menuhin
SXL2246 CS6191 15091 SDD145 SPA503 8 8 Mendelssohn Sym3 Scotch|Hebrides Ov(K38C-70027) LSO Maag
SXL2249 CS6198 15009 SDD123 SPA377 Brahms/Dvorak Hungarian/Slavonic Dancs(360R-56005)  VPO Reiner
SXL2250 CS6199 15070 SDD127 Strauss & Weber Graduation Ball & Le Spectre de la Rose VPO Boskovsky
SXL2252 CS6200 15093 SDD144 ECS782 7 6 Ibert/Bizet/Saint-Sns Divertissement/Jeux/Macabre|D'Omphale PCO Martinon
SXL2259 CS6197 SDD272 Bach Toccata Dmaj Chrom. Fant. Fugue Dmin|French Suite 5 Italian Con Malcolm
SXL2260 CS6028 15014 SDD134 8 9 FaIla El Amor Brujo/Retablo De Maese Pedro  OSR/NOS Ansermet/Argenta
SXL2261 CS6211 SDD211 KIJC- 9106 Strauss, R. Death & Transfig./Salome/Eulenspiegel  VPO Karajan
SXL2262 CS6203 15036 Beethoven Diabelli Variations Katchen
SXL2263 CS6205 SDD192 ECS827 Ansermt Offen/Herold/Auber Orpheus|Helene/Zampa|Domino|Diavolo OSR (KIJC9173)
SXL2264 Britten Spring Symphony  ROHCG Britten
SXL2265 CS6206 15441 Corelli/Gluck/Pachbl Christmas Concerto/Chaconne/Kanon  StCO Munchinger
SXL2266 CS6204 JB33 JL41027 Rossini William Tell Barber Seville|Magpie|Silken Ladder LSO Gamba
SXL2268 CS6212 ECS735 JB15 Rimsky-K/Borodin Scheherezade/Poltsovan(360R56004)  OSR Ansermet
SXL2269 CS6209 Tchaik/Strauss Romeo & Juliet Fantasy Ov./Don Juan  VPO Karajan
SXL2270 CS6207 ECS686 Mozart Eine Kleine Nacht|Divertimento 1|Joke StCO Munchinger
SXL2272 CS6214 SDD198 Mozart Serenade No. 7 in Dmaj K250 "Haffner"  VPO Munchinger
SXL2273 CS6210 15092 KIJC- 9131 Ravel Chloe|Alborado|Couperin|Nobles OSR Ansermet
SXL2274 CS6143 15089 SDD108 SPA328 Beethoven Symphony No. 9 "Choral" OSR Ansermet
SXL2275 CS6208 SDD231 7 7 Bizet Jeux D'Enfants Sym. in C|La Jolie Fille de Perth Suite OSR Ansermet
SXL2276 CS6217 7 6 Mahler Symphony No. 4  Ccgbw Solti
SXL2277 CS6219 ECS820 Stravinsky Les Noces|Sym. of Psalms SDD240|238  OSR Ansermet
SXL2278 CS6226 SDD277 Franck Piano Quintet in F Minor Curzon Vienna Ph Qrt
SXL2279 CS6215 SDD126 swL8021 Tchaikovsky/Dvorak Violin Concertos Ricci LSO Sargent
SXL2280 CS6216 JB12 Offenbach Gaite Parisienne  ROHCG Solti
SXL2284 CS6230 8 7 Haydn Symphonies No. 100 & No. 83  VPO Munchinger
SXL2285 CS6218 K38C- 70030 Tchaikovsky Scenes from Swan Lake  Ccgbw Fistoulari
SXL2286 CS6231 15116 Mozart Quartets No. 20 Dmaj & No. 22 Bmaj  Vienna Ph Qrt
SXL2287 CS6225 swL5004 Debussy/Strav/Ravel Images/Sym. Wind Inst/Pavane Infante  OSR Ansermet
SXL2288 CS6232 Strauss Napolean Kaiser, Bluhn&Nacht Waltz|Jokey Polka VPO Boskovsky
SXL2289 CS6228 15101 KIJC- 9003 Dvorak Symphony No. 9 "From the New World" VPO Kertesz
SXL2290 15304 SDD251 Mozart(KIJC9163) Divertimenti in D Major No. 17 & K. 136 Vienna Octet
SXL2291 CS6222 Franck Sym. in D Minor|Le Chausseur Maudit OSR Ansermet
SXL2292 CS6223 Prokofiev/Glinka Sym. 1.../Kamarinskaya|Czar/Steppes OSR Ansermet
SXL2293 CS6235 15115 SPA110
Julius Katchen Encores Katchen
SXL2296 CS6224 SDD321 K38C-70019 Falla Three Cornered Hat Berganza OSR Ansermet
SXL2297 CS6234 K38C- 70023 KIJC -9122 Brahms & Wagner Clarinet & Adagio for Clarinet & String Quintets Vienna Octet
SXL2298 CS6237 swL8503 Britten/Schumann Sonata C Cello & Piano/Funf Stucke Im Volkston Rostropovitch
SWL8500 CS6246 360R- 56011 Beethoven Sonatas No. 30 in Emaj & No. 32 Cmin  Backhaus
SWL8018 CS6247 KIJC- 9137 Beethoven Sonatas Nos. 15 Dmaj & 26 Emaj "Les Adieux" Backhaus
SEC5509 CS6325 15271 SDD239 SDD247 Stravinsky 4 Etudes, Suites 1&2 for Orch|FairyKiss OSR Ansermet
SXL2300 SA2206 SDD386 Bach Orchestral Suites No. 1 & No. 2  StCO Munchinger
SXL2301 SA2206 Bach Orchestral Suites No. 3 & No. 4  StCO Munchinger
SXL2302 CS6236 SDD169 SPA120 Handel(KIJC-9201) Water Music|Royal Fireworks Music  LSO Szell
SXL2303 CS6227 SDD388 Faure/Debussy Pelleas & Mel.|Penelope|Masques/Petite  OSR Ansermet
SXL2305 CS6244 JB30 JL41005 Holst The Planets  VPO Karajan
SXL2306 CS6240 8 8 Prokofiev Romeo & Juliet Highlights OSR Ansermet
SXL2307 CS6242 9 9 Prokofiev Cinderella Highlights OSR Ansermet
SXL2308 CS6420 Tchaikovsky/Grieg Nutcracker Suite/music from Peer Gynt  VPO Karajan
SET231 CS6249 Brahms Symphony No. 3/Tragic Overture  VPO Karajan
SXL2311 CS6241 Martin Conc. for 7 winds, timp, perc, & Etudes string orch.  OSR Ansermet
SXL2312 CS6248 15356 KIJC- 9019 SPA392 Debussy/Ravel  Faun|Nocturne/Pavane Infante|Espagnole LSO Monteux
SXL2313 CS6252 Herold-Lanchberry La Fille Mal Gardee  ROHCG Lanchberry
SXL6000 CS6322 KIJC-9018 9 7 Khachaturian Spartacus & Gayne Ballet Suites VPO Khachaturian
SXL6001 CS6323 Khachaturian Symphony No. 2 "The Bell" VPO Khachaturian
SXL6002 CS6251 JB14 Adam Giselle  VPO Karajan
SXL6003 SDD189 Honneger Christmas Cantata/Symphony for Strings  OSR Ansermet
SXL6004 CS6243 15541 SDD129 ECS754 Bach Suites No. 2 & No. 3  OSR Ansermet
SXL6006 CS6324 JB49 Holst Hymn of Jesus|Perfect Fool|Egdon Heath LPO Boult
SXL6007 Folk Songs  Britten, piano with Pears
SXL6018 CS6327 SDD179 ECS767 Shostakovich Symphony No. 5  OSR Kertesz
SXL6020 CS6333 SDD174 9 4 Haydn Symphonies No. 82 "L'Ours" & No. 86  OSR Ansermet
SXL6021 CS6334 SDD183 9 4 Haydn Symphonies No. 83 "La Poule" & No. 87  OSR Ansermet
SXL6022 CS6335 SDD184 9 4 Haydn Symphonies No. 84 "La Reine" & No. 85  OSR Ansermet






Piano Concerto No. 1 Curzon
Symphony No. 4
SXL6024 CS6330 SPA202 Smetana/Dvorak Ov.|Polka|Furiant|Vltava/Slavonic Dance  Israel Kertesz

Fidelio Ov., Leonore Ovs. Nos. 1, 2 & 3
Petrushka (1911 version)

CS6339 Glinka/Stravinsky Russlan & Ludmilla/Petrushka  Israel Maazel
SXL6026 CS6332 15364 SDD417 KIJC- 9108 Bartok/Vivaldi Divertimento/Concerti Grossi(KIJC9108)  Moscow Barshai
SXL6027 CS6331 15154 K38C- 70004 SPA228 Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3 (KIJC9115)  OSR Ansermet
SXL6028 CS6336 SDD422 8 6 Grieg/Schumann Piano Concertos Katchen Israel Kertesz
SXL6029 Strauss Great Strauss Waltzes  VPO Boskovsky
SXL6035 CS6337 SDD465 9 8 Hindemith/Bruch Violin Conc./Scottish Fantasia Oistrakh LSO Horenstein
SXL6036 CS6338 15046 SDD156 ECS795 Borodin/Shostakvch Quartet No. 2/Quartet No. 8(KIJC9162)  Borodin Quartet
SXL6040 CS6340 KIJC- 9172 JB28 Strauss Tales from Vienna Woods  VPO Boskovsky
SXL6041 CS6341 15272 Brahms Sonata in Fmin Op. 5|Intermezzi 1, 2&3  Curzon
SXL6043 CS6357 15525 9 7 Dvorak/Schubert  Piano Quintet in A/Quartettsatz in Cmin Curzon Vienna Phil Qrt
SXL6044 CS6358 JB113 Dvorak(KIJC9017) Symphony No. 8  LSO Kertesz
SXL6050 CS6346 DDL405 Mozart Wind Music Vol. 1 (Snd K361)  LWS Brymer
SXL6051 CS6347 Mozart Vol. 2 (Snd K375/Divs K166/K213)  LWS Brymer
SXL6049 CS6348 Mozart Vol. 3 (Snd K388/Divs K186/K253)  LWS Brymer
SXL6052 CS6349 Mozart V4 (Divs K240/K252/K226/Adg K410)  LWS Brymer
SXL6053 CS6350 Mozart V5 (Divs K270/K227/K189/Adg K411)  LWS Brymer
SXL6054 CS6351 15071 SDD155 KIJC- 9134 9 8 Mozart(KIJC9134) Clarinet Concerto/Flute & Harp Conc.  VPO Munchinger
SXL6055 CS6352 SDD290 Mozart Divertimento K287/Haydn Div in Gmaj  Vienna Octet
SXL6056 CS6354 ECS823 Mozart Symphonies No. 33 & No. 39  VPO Kertesz
SXL6057 CS6359 JB53 JL41023 Rachmannov Piano Conc. No. 3 Ashkenazy KIJC9204 LSO Fistoulari
SXL6058 CS6360 Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 Ashkenazy LSO Maazel
SXL6059 15357 Brahms Symphony No. 1  OSR Ansermet
SXL6060 15365 Brahms Symphony No. 2  OSR Ansermet
SXL6061 15382 Brahms Symphony No. 3  OSR Ansermet
SXL6062 15383 Brahms Symphony No. 4  OSR Ansermet
SXL6063 CS6365 Beethoven Sonatas No. 17 & No. 28  Backhaus
SXL6064 CS6366 Beethoven Sonatas No. 12 & No. 18  Backhaus
SXL6065 CS6367 K38C- 70031 JB36 Ravel/Dukas/Hone Bolero/Valse/SorcAppr/Pacific231  OSR Ansermet
SXL6066 CS6368 SDD244 Stravinsky Fairy's Kiss  OSR Ansermet
SXL6067 CS6369 SDD233 360R-56003 Mozart/Haydn Symphony No. 41/Symphony No. 103  VPO Karajan
SXL6076 CS6371 Liszt Sonata Bmin Liebestraum 3|Oubliee 1|Gnomenreigen Berceuse Curzon
SXL6082 CS6374 SDD228 Beethoven Piano Concertos No. 2 & No. 4 Katchen LSO Gamba
SXL6084 CS6375 JB42 Sibelius Symphony No. 1  VPO Maazel
SXL6085 CS6376 Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5  VPO Maazel
SXL6086 CS6378 15095 SDD172 ECS762 Schubert Symphonies No. 4 & No. 5  VPO Munchinger
SXL6087 CS6379 15384 SDD289 Mozart Clarinet Quintet|Divertimento in F K247 Boskovsky Vienna Octet
SXL6088 CS6377 SDD445 JB48 swL8519 Mozart Sinfonia Concertante|Duo in G Oistrakhs Moscow Kondrashin
SXL6089 CS6381 JB77 Schubert Symphony No. 9 "Great" VPO Kertesz
SXL6090 CS6382 JB76 Schubert Sym. 8 Lustschloss, Italien & Fierrabras Ovs. VPO Kertesz
SXL6091 CS6383 SDD480 Mozart Sym. No. 36/Nachtmusik/March in C VPO Kertesz
SXL6092 CS6384 SDD254 Schubert Quartets Death and the Maiden|E Op. 125 No. 1  Veinne Phil Qt
SXL6093 CS6385 SDD285 KIJC- 9136 Haydn Quartets in E "Joke", F "Serenade" & Dmin "Fifths" Janacek Qrt


Piano Concerto No. 2 Ashkenazy 


Hary Janos Suite|Dances of Galatea
Symphony No. 2
Pines of Rome & Fountains of Rome 
SXL6218  CS6158 15150 Brahms Variations Themes Handel & Paganini  Katchen

Pressing Legend (this will only be used for the top pressing, which will have yellow lettering and really it should be taken as just the rated pressing for now):
UNALTERED - this means that the LP is the earliest original pressing.
BOLD - bold lettering if the original is a pancake pressing. Pancakes were only possible for early Decca SXL and London Bluebacks. The pancake pressings are fairly thick and have no lip on the outside edge. Decca did not have enough of the new style stereo pressing equipment so often pressed Opera and sometimes the London Bluebacks on their older mono presses.
GROOVED - an underline means the pressing is an ED2 grooved pressing. All original pressings are grooved, so the underline will differentiate ED2 pressings from these. Early STS and ACE are grooved pressings and will be marked as such always. London Blueback releases have similar grooved large label FFRR reissues also. For Decca SXL ED2 pressings, the label will say "Made in England By" instead of "Original Recording By". Please see our AQL Week Special Report: Decca versus London Pt1 for more pressing details.
NONGROOVED - italics means the pressing does not have a groove in the label, but is still a large style label from the later 1960s. SXL, Blueback, STS, ACE, and possibly ECS may have this discrimination. ED3.
NARROWBAND - strikethrough means the pressing is an early narrow band and on all labels these are very easy to spot in person as the label is typically much smaller with a ridge in the dead wax. ED4. Lithium cooled Neumann SX-69.
LATE NARROWBAND - strikethough italics means the pressing is a late narrow band with a record liner of 'High Density' inner plastic - post 1975 (per reader Tin Ear.) Most of these will be the later lithium cooled Neumann SX-74 masterings with pristine treble past 20k. ED5.
DUTCH - bold italics means the pressing is Dutch from the 80s. ED6. The Jubilee JB-xxx are almost always Dutch with dead silent vinyl and some blackness to background for the Salvatore jet setters (resources section). ED6.

What follows is another 69 or so recordings that Decca did for RCA. Many of these later had the rights go back to Decca in the 1970s and so we have reissues. RCA did Victrola reissues (VICSxxxx entries). The SB and ser entries are the British RCA Living Stereo releases. The SB and ser below are in fact Decca pressings of Decca recordings, hence their inclusion in the Living Decca... Guide:
USA    British  STS ACE Eclipse World of P S Composer Pieces and Solists Orch Conductor
LSC2257 SB2026 15112 SDD255 Elgar/Bliss Pomp&Circ's/Queen|Things to Come LSO Bliss
LSC2185 SB2035 15177 ECS573 Rach/Rimsky Sym. No. 3/Russian Easter Overture LPO Boult
vics1139 15181 Rachmaninoff  Symphony No. 2 LPO Boult
LSC2177 SB2013 15179
1011 ECS575 Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty LSO Monteux
LSC2208 SB2003 15158
1013 SPA89 Rimsky-Korsakv Scheherazade LSO Monteux
LSC2285 SB2039 15191 ECS586 VICS1168 Walton/Lecocq Façade/La Fille De Madame Ingot ROHO Fistoulari
vics1002 SB2012 SPA224 Tchaikovsky Swan Lake ROHO Morel
LSC2225 SB2020 SPA175 SRC7018(45) Witches Brew NSOL Gibson
LSC2322 SB2051
1184 ECS580 Shostakovich Symphony No. 1 & Age of Gold Ballet LSO Martinon
LSC2298 SB2105 SPA281 SPA182 417 366-1 Borodin/Rimsky Sym. 2/Capriccio Espagnol|Tsar Saltan LSO Martinon
LSC2336 SB2063 15159 SPA91 VICS1069 Sibelius/Grieg Finlandia../2Elegiac|Nordic|Troldhaugen NSOL Mackerras
LSC2281 SB2049 VICS1028 Brahms Violin Concerto (Szeryng) LSO Monteux
LSC2342 SB2070 15098 SDD234 VICS1069 Sibelius  Symphony No. 2 (K38C-70027) LSO Monteux
LSC2313 SB2058 CS6753 SPA347 VICS1119 Venice ROHO Solti
LSC2418 SB2108 15188 VICS 1107 SPA121 Elgar/Brahms Enigma Variations/Variations on Haydn LSO Monteux
LSC2327 SB2057 SPA220 SPA173 VICS1057 Bizet/Charbrier L'Arlesienne Sts/Espana|March Joyeuse ROHO Morel
LSC2419 SB2115 ECS632 VICS1054 Dvorak Slavonic Dances LSO Martinon


Straus, O.
Symphony No. 5/Karelia Suite
Ein Walzertraum : excerpts
LSC2487 SB6826 Giuliani/Arnold Guitar Concertos (Bream) Melos
LSC2489 SB2155 15157 SDD260 VICS1310 Dvorak Symphony No. 7 LSO Monteux
LDS2560 SB2150 Golden Age English Lute(Bream)
LSC2603 SB6503 Bruch/Vieuxtmp Scottish Fantasy/VC 5 (Heifetz) NSOL Sargent
LSC2577 SB2146 Bach Double Violin Con(Heifetz/Freidmn) NSOL Sargent
LSC2575 SB2145 Chopin Piano Con. No. 1 (Rubinstein) NSOL Skrowaczewski
LSC2652 SB6527 Bruch/Mozart Violin Con. No.1/No. 4 (Heifetz) NSOL Sargent
LSC2690 SB6568 Liszt Piano Con. Nos. 1 & 2(Pennario) LSO Leibowitz
LSC2085 SB2005 15318 ECS750 Stravinsky The Rite of Spring PCO Monteux
vics1027 SB2037 15197 VICS 1027 SPA152 Stravinksy Firebird/Petrushka PCO Monteux
LSC2301 SB2018 ECS667 Adam Giselle Ballet PCO Wolff
LSC2272 SB2034 15195 ECS593 Prokofiev Symphony No. 5  PCO Martinon
LSC2288 SB2061 15196 ECS619 VICS1207 Prokofiev Symphony No. 7 PCO Martinon
LSC2400 SB2094 SPA203 VICS1206 Ballet Music from the Opera PCO Fistoulari
LSC2485 SB2152 Delibes Coppelia and Sylvia Suites PCO Rignold
LSC6094 SB2131 SPA182 Albeniz/Ravel Iberia/Rapsodie Espagnole PCO Morel
LSC6139 SB2027 OSA 13123 GOSA625 Ponchielli La Gioconda St.Cecilia Previtali
LSC6059 SB2021 OSA 12101 GOS634 Mascagni Cavalleria rusticana Maggio Erede
LSC2077 SB2036 15582 ECS674 Struass Tod und Verklarung/Till Eulenspiegel VPO Reiner
vics1023 SB2014 SPA178 SPA225 Mend/Schubert Midsummer Night's Dream/Rosamunde VPO Monteux

Symphony No. 3
Symphony No. 4/Leonore Ov.

Symphony No. 6
Symphony No. 5/Egmont Ov.
LSC2362 SB2090 15423 K38C- 70036 SPA222 Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique VPO Monteux



Symphony No. 7
Symphony No. 7
LDS2347 SB2092 15106 SDD233 360R- 56003 Mozart/Haydn Sympnony No. 40/Symphony No. 104 VPO Karajan
LDS2351 SB2086 15194 SDD283 Brahms Symphony No. 1   VPO Karajan
LDS2346 SB2091 15163 SDD259 KIJC- 9172 Strauss, Johann The Vienna of Johann Strauss VPO Karajan
vics1055 SB2110 15192 ECS596 Brahms Symphony No. 2 VPO Monteux
LSC2394 SB2111 15178 ECS574 Haydn Symphonies 94 "Surprise" & 101 "Clock" VPO Monteux



Symphony Nos. 1 and 8
Sym. 2/Fidelio/King Stephan
LSC2134 15223 SPA184 Overture! Overture! NSOL Agoult
LSC2450 Schm/Meyerbeer Carnaval/Les Patineurs ROHO Rignold
LSC2301 Gilbert and Sullivan Overtures Ward
LSC2299 SF5035 Lehar Waltzes of Franz Lehar LonProms Sharples
LSC2326 SF5054 15160 SPA111 Claire De Llune NSOL Agoult
LSC2365 Concertos for Cello (Janigro) Zagreb
LSC2449 SPA97 SPA173 SPA220 VICS1108 Guonod/Bizet Faust|Funeral Marionette/Carmen ROHO Gibson
LSC2783 15114 SPA90 Prokofiev Peter and Wolf/Sym. 1,Classical LSO Sargent
LSC6156 ser4535 OSA1339 Wagner Flying Dutchman ROHO Dorati
LSC2593 Inspiration NSOL Stokowski
LSC6166 ser5542 OSA1394 Bellini Norma LSO Boynge
LSC6406 ser4516 OSA 13122 GOS660 Verdi La Forza del Destino St.Cecilia Previtali
LSC6158 ser4538 SET 427-9 OSA1393 Verdi Aida (Mohr Layton) Rome Solti
LSC6408 ser4508 ECS743 Mozart  Marriage of Figaro VPO Leinsdorf
LSC6410 ser4528 Mozart Don Ghiovanni VPO Leinsdorf
LDS6065 VICS1066 Royal Ballet Gala ROHO Ansermet
LDS6409 ser4501 Handel Messiah RPO Beecham
LDS6706 lds6706 osa1511 7BB125-9 Wagner Die Walkure LSO Leinsdorf
LDS6091 ser4526 KIJC- 9001/2 osa1294 GOS617 Verdi Requiem VPO Reiner
LDS7022 ser5507 osa1284 5BB123-4 Puccini Tosca VPO Karajan
LDS6164 ser5600 Bizet  Carmen VPO Karajan

For covers where the SB has a different image from the LSC we will try to have both images above. For LSC and the artwork used for most of the SB covers please see the Shaded Dog website.

As part of the deal by which Decca took over the UK distribution of R.C.A.
recordings from H.M.V., it was agreed that R.C.A. artists would be recorded by
Decca producers and engineers in Europe. This allowed such conductors as
Reiner, Monteux and Leinsdorf to record with the Vienna Philharmonic and
there were also sessions in Paris and in Italy. Some of these recordings (made
between 1956 and 1964) were Decca owned and reissued on Decca labels from
1970; others (notably those with such soloists as Heifetz, Szeryng, Bream and
Rubinstein) remain on R.C.A. labels. Though Decca ceased to be its distributor
in 1968, R.C.A. continued to engage Decca engineers for many of its London
sessions throughout the 1970s.

*from Philip Stuart's DECCA CLASSICAL, 1929-2009