Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Readers' Poll: Most Surprising and Disappointing Discoveries

Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories about your best classical LP bargain finds!  For this week's poll, we would like to ask:

Which classical LPs were some of the biggest surprises for you?  There are different ways to look at his question.  For example, were there albums that you picked up on a whim but that turned out to be hidden gems?  Were there albums that you found in the bargain bin for cheap, only to discover later that they were rare and valuable records?  Or were there albums that, simply put, just surprised you?  An LP with the same music on both sides?

Conversely, which classical LPs ended up being the biggest disappointments?  Were there albums for which you paid decent money, thinking that they'd be gems, but instead they turned out to be duds?  Albums that on the surface had a lot of potential but failed to live up to expectations?