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The Gold & Cream Dream (EMI HMV ASD)

Click & Dream

Despite tepid feedback on our other pictorial spread, Living Decca SXL Blueback Guide, we are proceeding with another internet first; a complete guide to EMI's HMV, "HIS MASTER'S VOICE", ASD Classical titles. For now we don't have CSD classical in this, but that may come. Unlike with Decca/London, we will include opera titles since there are no numbering conflicts. Anything colored or highlighted click and it will take you to another page. Click the catalog number for a nice cover image. Click the title to go to our review. Just Click and Dream.

Unlike with the Decca list we have the reissue labels out front. These are all British based, but we will add to them based on reader feedback. The columns with values are for the fair price for a Near Mint Gold & Cream (G&C), Semi-circle (Semi), and Colour Postage Stamp (PS). Unfortunately, we had to axe the Black & White Postage Stamps which are relatively rare while the others are non-existent. We might add those back in under the Reissue columns where space allows, so feel free to comment with these and we'll squeeze them in. The Conductors and Performers are kind of falling off the page, but it is enough. We might compress the Composer & Title Column further by abbreviating the longer titles, but further compression will take a lot of effort, so layout suggestions welcome.

For those eagerly collecting, at this point with the original cover, we favor the Semi label as our bargain favorite over the Color Postage Stamp (PS). The PS is very good as are the even later labels. Some of the later labels at times can be the best option, but the Semi does very well at retaining the originals Gold & Cream's tube flavor while adding a tauter sense of control. This is a generalization, and the stampers tell the real tale, but EMI stamper and pressing knowledge is very limited. If unfamiliar with these labels please see our EMI Family Labelography and Pressings, Part 1 which covers these labels and most of the reissues below. The most amazing thing for the collector is the list of reissue options.

What does a Gold & Cream sound like? Well some are quite average, but the later ones certainly have the nicest highs ever cut with a vacuum tube amp. They are more clinical and impressive at the frequency extremes than a Columbia SAX, but rarely have that dream midrange, but when they do it is really something. At this point we are going to put our Performance and Sound Rating in the Composer & Title column due to a complete lack of space, the pressing reviewed will be underlined. (The Ratings will be single digit so 0 is really a 10!) We often have comments to the reviews with discussion of the reissues.

Note: At this point we are not linking into the sheet so that we may alter the format based on your suggestions. You can click at this point, but your dreams won't come true.

Reissue1 Reissue2 Reissue3 G&C Semi PS Catalog Composer & Title Orch Conductor and Performers
SXLP30253 $50 $10 ASD251 Rimsky Korsakovz Scheherazade RPO Beecham
SXLP30276 HQS 1108 $70 ASD252 Bizet L‘Arlesienne  (7/4) RPO Beecham
SREG1097 SXLP30066 $90 ASD253 Tchaikovsky: Symphonv 4 (8/5) Philh Silvestri
SREG2011  CFP 103 $700 ASD254 Beethoven Symphony 7 (8/7) Philh Cantelli
SXLP30169 $300 $60 $30 ASD255 Ravel: Conc in G/Rachman: Conc 4 (0/8) Philh Michelangeli
SXDW 3019 $20 ASD256|7 Gilbert&Sullivan: The Mikado Glynd  Sargent
ST558-down SXLP30423 Hi-Q $60 $20 $10 ASD258 Grieg: Peer Gynt (9/9) RPO Beecham
SXLP30158p SXLP30299p HQS 1136p $20 ASD259 Beecham Lollipops RPO Beecham
/CFP40358 /SXLP30530 CFP 132 $50 ASD260 Sibelius: Symphony 1 (7/5) BBCSO Sargent
SXLP30065 $90 ASD261 Tchaikovsky: Symphony 5 (9/6) Philh Silvestri
WRCST548 CFP 126 $175 ASD262 Russian Easter Festival ov etc Philh Goossens
WRCST995 CFP40004 $80 ASD263 Prokofiev: Classical Sym/Shost: Sym 1 (9/7) Philh Kurtz
SXLP30186 SLS5106 $60 $10 $5 ASD264 Brahms Violin Concerto BPO Kempe Menuhin
SXDW3027 $15 ASD265|6 Gilbert & Suliivan: The Gondoliers Sargent
SXLP30081 CFP 40007 $135 ASD267 Beethoven: Sym 5/Leonora 3 Overture (8/7) BPO Cluytens
SREG1036 $50 ASD268 Brahms Piano Concerto 2 Boult Kentner
CFP 175 $40 $10 $5 ASD269 Holst: Planets (8, 6) BBCSO Sargent
$250 ASD270 Strauss,R: Tod und Verk/Dance 7 Veils Philh Rodzinski
SLS859 CFP 40296  $40 $10 $5 ASD271 Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake (suite) (0/9) Philh Kurtz Menuhin
CFP 40255 $40 $10 $5 ASD272 Grieg/Schumann Piano Concertos (0/8-) Philh Menges Solomon
SXLP30078 CFP 40013 $115 ASD273 Tchaikovsky: Symphony 6 (7/5) Philh Silvestri
SREG1060 $2500 ASD274|7 Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Philh Gui
SXLP30122 $150 ASD278 Mendelssohn/Tchaikovsky Violin Conc (8/7) Philh Silvestri Ferras
Hi-Q SXLP30083p SXLP30060p $140 ASD279 Nights Vienna(Lehar/Strauss/Suppe/etc)0/9 VPO Kempe
SXLP30284 $25 $5 $5 ASD280 Beethoven: Mass in C RPO Beecham
$225 ASD281 Falla: 3 Cornered Hat/Granados/Albeniz RPO Rodzinski
SLS5158 $100 ASD282|4 Haydn: The Seasons RPO Beecham
$60 $5 $5 ASD286 Handel: Water Music/Fireworks (8,8) RPO Sargent
HQS 1154 $50 ASD287 Beethoven Symphony 2/Ruins of Athens RPO Beecham
SREG1049 $150 ASD288 Russian Overtures (0/9) RPO Rodzinski
SLS859 $50 $10 $5 ASD289 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker (extracts) (0/9) Philh Kurtz
CFP 40364 $70 $10 ASD290 Lalo: Sym Esp/S-Saens Intr & Rondo Capr Philh Goossens Menuhin
CFP 111  $30 ASD291 Handel: Airs LSO Sargent Lewis
$50 ASD294 Beethoven Piano Concerto 1/Sonata 0p 90 Philh Menges Solomon
ODEON $40 $10 ASD295 Puccini: Gianni Schicchi De Los Angeles Gobbi
SREG2066p CFP 123 $70 $20 ASD296 Schubert: Symphony 8/Rosamunde RPO Kletzki
$500 ASD297 Falla: El Amor Brujo/Ravel: RapEspagnol Philh Vandemoot
SXLP30156 WRCST632 $45 ASD298 Handel: Love in Bath RPO Beecham
$125 $15 ASD299 S-Saens: Carnival Animals/Peter & Wolf (0/9) Philh Kurtz TASEC
$60 $10 ASD301 Grieg: Piano Conc/Liszt: Piano Conc 2 Philh Vandernoot
RARE $65 ASD302 Operatic Arias Philh Susskind Joan Hammond
SREG2013 CFP114 $70 ASD303 Sibelius: Symphony 5/Pohjola's Daughter BBCSO Sargent
$100 ASD304 'Popular Symphonic Movements' VPO Cluytens
$150 $20 ASD307|0 Gounod: Faust OTNO Cluytens De Los Angeles
SXLP30286 $50 ASD311 Beethoven: Symphony 7 Philh Beecham
WRCST836 $45 $20 ASD312 Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra RPO Kubelik
SREG1024 CFP 129 $500 ASD313 Stravinsky: Rite of Spring Philh Markevitch
SREG2012 CFP 107 $550 ASD314 Bruch: Violin Conc/Lalo: Sym Espagnol (0/6) Philh Susskind Ferras
$70 ASD315 Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto 1 Philh Vandernoot Czyffra
WRC SM 78/9 $80 ASD317/8 Liszt: Faust Symphony/Orpheus RPO Beecham
HQS 1031-2 SLS772 $350 ASD319|1 Weber: Der Freischutz Philh Keilberth
$100 $10 ASD322 Schubert: Trout Quintet Amadeus/Heph Menuhin
SXLP30112/3 SXDW47 $10 ASD323|4 Gilbert & Sullivan: lolanthe Glynd Sargent
$150 ASD325 Schubert: Symphony 9 (8/7) RPO Kubelik
WRCST609 CFP 40372 $125 ASD326 Strauss: Don Quixote/T ill Eulenspiegel BPO Kempe
$25 $10 $5 ASD327 Bach,J.S: Brandenburg Concertos 1/2/3 (0/8) BFCO Menuhin
SXDW3054 $25 $10 $5 ASD328 Bach,J.S: Brandenburg Concertos 4/5/6 (0/8) BFCO Menuhin
SXLP30415 HQS 1126 $50 ASD329 Delius: Florida Suite/Over the Hills/etc RPO Beecham
SXLP30077 $280 $20 ASD330 Ovs.(Barter Bride/Oberon/Hebrides/etc)9/9 VPO Kempe
SLS5021 $120 $30 ASD331|3 Bizet: Carmen FNRO Beecham De Los Angeles
Hi-Q SLS5106 $50 $10 $5 ASD334 Mendelssohn/Bruch: Violin Concertos Philh Menuhin
ODEON $50 ASD335 Purcell Anthems and Church Music (8/7) Various soloists
$160 ASD336 Beethoven Ovs. (Leonora/Coriolan...) (7/6) BPO Kempe

WRCST761 $50 ASD337 Schubert: Lieder Recital Fischer-Dieskau Engel
$600 ASD338 Overtures: Hansel und Gretel/MidSmr Nts/etc Philh Silvestri
SLS 846 $100 $20 ASD339-1 Haydn Symphonies 99-104 RPO Beecham
$30 ASD342 Bach,J.S: Cantata Arias BPO Forster Fischer-Dieskau
CFP40242p SXLP30076p CFP40341p $450 ASD343 Rimsky-K: Tsar Sultan/etc (0/9) Philh Kletzki
/SREG2066p SXLP30246 $40 $10 $5 ASD344 Mozart: Clarinet Concerto/Bassoon Concerto RPO Beecham Brymer
SXLP30204 $40 $10 ASD345 Schubert: Symphonies 3/5 RPO Beecham
EMI - ED  29 0146 1 Hi-Q $35 $10 ASD346 Bach,J.S: Violin/Double Concertos BFCO Menuhin Ferras
G7209(Capitol) $800 $100
ASD347 Brahms: Hung Dance/Dvorak: Scher Capr(9/9) RPO Kubelik
HQS 1143 $40 ASD348 Brahms: Symphony 2 RPO Beecham
SIT60039?? $150 ASD349 Beethoven: Symphony 6 (7/7) RPO Kubelik
SREG1017 CFP131 $1000 ASD350 Brahms: Symphony 1 (0/8) BPO Kempe
SXLP30165p $300 ASD351|2 Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde/Sym 5 Adagio Philh Kletzki
SXDW3055 $90 ASD353|4 Verdi: Requiem OROH Serafin
$45 ASD356 Wolf: Lieder Recital Fischer-Dieskau Moore
Nimbus Super $60 $10 5 ASD357 Delius: Brigg Fair/Ist Cuckoo/etc RPO Beecharn
SXLP30176 $130 $10 $5 ASD358 Dvorak: Cello Concerto RPO Boult Rostropovitch
ASD 3400 $125 $30 ASD359|1 Verdi: La Traviata OROH Serafin
$30 ASD362 Wolf: Lider Recital Fischer-Dieskau Moore
$80 ASD363 Wagner: Tannhauser/Gotterdamm/etc (hlts) Grummer Frick
SXLP30120/1 SXDW3033 $10 ASD364|5 Gilbert & Sullivan: Yeomen of the Guard Sargent
SXLP30068p $250 ASD366 Respighi: Fountains of Rome/Bartered Bride Philh Goossens
$250 ASD367|9 Vivaldi: ll Cimento dell 'armonia e dell 'invention CMI Fasano
SXLP30160 $100 $15 ASD370 Chopin: Piano Concerto 1 Philh Kletzki Pollini
SLS859 $20 $5 $5 ASD371 Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty (suite) Philh Kurtz
ODEON SXLP30416 $375 ASD372 Bach,J.S: CV in French Style/Italian Concerto Rosalyn Tureck
SLS5128 $100 $25 ASD373|5 Puccini: Madama Butterfly OROH Santini
SREG2010 T646 $80 ASD376 Orchestral Marches Philh Kurtz
$50 $10 ASD377 Beethoven: Violin Concerto VPO Silvestri Menuhin
$30 ASD378 Wolf: Lider Recital lSpanisches Liederbuch) Fischer-Dieskau Moore
SXLP30216 WRCST673 $225 ASD379 Tchaikovsky: Symphony 5 BPO Kempe
SXLP30110 $300 ASD380 Dvorak: Symphony 5 (9/7) BPO Kempe
SXLP30131/2 SXDW3041 $10 ASD381|2 Gilbert & Suilivan: Pirates of Penzance Sargent
SRS 5094  SXLP 50009 $20 ASD383 Christmas Carols Royal Choral Soc. Sargent
ESD 7033 $35 $5 ASD384 Love Duets J. Hammond/Charles Craig
SLS 760 SLS 5336 $150 ASD385|7 Wagner: Flying Dutchman GSOpB Konwitschny
SXLP30260p $50 $10 $5 ASD388 Bizet: Symphony in C/Lalo: Symphony in G FNRO Beecham
$85 $20 ASD389 Beethoven: 'Spring' 81 'Kreutzer' Sonatas Yehudi/Hephzibah Menuhin
$65 ASD390 Tchaikovsky: Songs Boris Christoff
$150 ASD391|3 Vivaldi: L'Estro armonico CMI Fasano
CFP 40251p $40 ASD394|5 Strauss,J: Der Zigeunerbaron VPO Hollreiser
SXLP30151 WRCST543 $220 ASD396 Dvorak: Symphony 2 VPO Silvestri 
$20 ASD397 Bach/Handel: Arias Fischer-Dieskau
STE 91132 $300 ASD398 Tchaikovsky: Symphony 4 VPO Kubelik
SXLP30295 $50 $10 ASD399 Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique FNRO Beecham TAS77/136 +
CFP 40262p $500 ASD400 Prok: Orange Khach: Gayaneh Rimsky: Espag VPO Silvestri
ASDF  200 CFP 40094 $350 ASD401 Stravinsky: Sym in 3 mvmts/Song Nightingale Philh Silvestri
$400 ASD402|3 Dvorak: Slavonic Dances BBCSO Schwarz
$40 $10 ASD404|5 Bach,J.S: Suites BFCO Menuhin
SXLP30100 $525 ASD406 Brahms: Sym 3/Tragic Overture (7/7) BPO Kempe
$30 ASD407 Verdi: Arias BPO Gedda Fischer-Dieskau
Jap ANGEL ASC 5053 CFP 40090 $130 ASD408 Franck: Symphony Philh Silvestri
SLS 762 $80 ASD409|1 Haydn: The Creation BPO Forster
$50 $10 ASD412 Gounod: Faust (hits) OTNO Cluytens
$60 $5 ASD413 The Fabulous De Los Angeles' De Los Angeles Moore
$35 ASD414 Bach: The Musical Offering BFCO Menuhin
SXLP30088/9 SXDW3034 $10 ASD415|6 Gilbert & Sullivan: HMS Pinafore Sargent
CFP 40262p $400 ASD417 Rhapsodies for Orch (Liszt/RaveI/Enesco) VPO Silvestri
$250 ASD418 Schubert: Symphonies 3/4 VPO Kubelik
SXLP30088/9 SXDW3034 $5 ASD419 Gilbert & Sullivan: Trial by Jury Pro Arte Sargent
SXLP30158p SXLP30530p CFP40358p $30 ASD420 Favourite Overtures (Rossini/Berlioz/etc) RPO Beecham
SXLP30293 Hi-Q $40 ASD421 Strauss,R: Ein Heldenleben RPO Beecham
CFP4144771 $300 $60 ASD422 Borodin: Sym 2/Plovtsian Dances (0/8) VPO Kubelik
$90 ASD423 Mozart: Piano Trio K542/Ravel: Piano Trio Menuhin Kentner at al 
$80 ASD424|5 Wolf: Goethe Lieder Fischer-Dieskau Moore
CFP4144101 EMI 1C 051 -02507 Q $400 ASD426 Beethoven: Symphony 3 (7/7) BPO Kempe
SREG2028 CFP 124 $800 ASD427 Mozart: Violin Concertos 4/5 (0/6) PCO Vandernoot Ferras
$250 ASD428 Tchaikovsky: Symphony 5 VPO Kubelik
ODEON $4400 ASD429 Bach: Violin Com: in E/Mozart: Violin Gone 5 LSO/RPO Kubelik De Vito
$40 ASD430 Berlioz: Damnation of Faust (hltsl ParisOp Cluytens
SXLP30083 $150 ASD431 ‘Viennese Bon Bons' BPO Kempe
$30 ASD432 More Beecham Loilipops' RPO Beecham
CFP 40017 $120 $25 ASD433 Beethoven: Symphony 6 BPO Cluytens
$30 ASD434 Busoni: Chamber Fantasy/Liszt Ogden
SREG2030 CFP 125 $60 ASD435 Rossini: Overtures Sargent
$225 ASD436|8 Verdi: Rigoletto MaggieM Scotto
$30 $10 $5 ASD439 Delibes: Coppelia PhilH Irving
ODEON $50 $15 $10 ASD440 Paganini: Violin Concs. 1/2 (9/8) RPO Menuhin
SXLP1001941 $40 ASD443 Holst: The Perfect Fool/Walton: Facade/Britten RPO Sargent
$60 ASD444 Strauss,J: Die Fiedermaus/Gypsy Baron (hlts) VPO Hollreiser
HQS-1081 $250 ASD445|8 Wagner: Tannhauser GSOpB Konwischny
SXLP30125 Hi-Q $125 ASD449 Music Bohemia (Dvorak/Weinberger/etc) (9/8) HPO Kempe
$125 $30 ASD450 Beethoven: Sonata 17/Schumann: Fantasia Richter
$500 ASD451 Mozart: Symphonies 36/38 VPO Kubelik
$50 ASD452 Spanish Songs of the Renaissance De Los Angeles
$400 ASD453 Harpsichord recital (Bach/Couperin/etc) Rosalynd Tureck
$15 $5 ASD454 Stainer: Crucifixion LeedsCH Bardgett
$300 $50 ASD455 Shostakovich: Symphony 5 VPO Silvestri
$100 ASD456 Operatic Recital PO Cluytens Rita Gorr
$40 ASD457 Bach: Cantatas 211/212 (Coffee & Peasant) BPO Forster Fiescher-Dieskau
SXLP30256 ST596 $30 ASD458 Franck: Symphony in D minor FNRO Beecham
$50 $10 ASD459 Duets Angeles/F-Dieskau/Moore
WRCST736 $400 ASD460 Mend: Midsummr/Humperdinck-Hansel&Gretel RPO Kempe
WRCST932  ACANTA  40.22394 $600 ASD461 Brahms Symphony 4 (8/7) RPO Kempe
$300 ASD462 Tchaikovsky: Symphony 6 VPO Kubelik
$40 $10 ASD463 Music of India Ravi Shankar
$50 ASD464 ‘Czyffra Favourites‘ Czyffra
$30 ASD465 Gluck: lphegenie en Tauride PCO Pretre Gedda Gorr
CFP 110 $350 ASD466 Overtures from Italian Operas PhilH Serafin
ESD7161 $15 $10 $5 ASD467 Coleridge Taylor: Hiawatha PhilH Sargent
SXLP30290 $60 $10 ASD468 Sibelius:Sym 7/Pelleas&Meiisande/Oceanides RPO Beecham
$125 ASD469 Song Recital Di Stefano
WRCST966 CFP40075 $250 ASD470 Dvorak: Symphony 8/Carnaval Overture LPO Silvestri
CFP 40091 $50 ASD471 Pearls of Viennese Operetta' VPO Loibner Rysanek
CFP 40238  $10 ASD472 Sullivan: HMS Pinafore (hlts) Pro Arte Sargent
SXLP30449 $15 $10 ASD473 Mozart Violin Concertos 3/5 BFCO Menuhin
$75 ASD474 Brahms: Violin Sonatas 1/2 Menuhin Kentner
$100 ASD475 Schubert: Fantasia in Cmaj/Sonata 3 Menuhin Kentner
$125 ASD476 Neopoiitan Songs Di Stefano
American DECCA  DL 710061 $400 ASD477 Bach: Piano Recital Rosalyn Tureck
$500 ASD478 Schubert: Rosamunde/Gluck: Ballet Suite VPO Kempe
$70 ASD479 20th Century Spanish Songs De Los Angeles Soriano
$60 ASD480 Handel: TheGods Go A'Begging RPO Beecham
$40 $10 $5 ASD481 Schubert: De Schone Mullerin Fiescher-Dieskau/G. Moore
CFP 138 $250 ASD483 Mahler: Symphony 1 VPO Kletzki
SXDW3031 $20 ASD484|5 Sullivan: Patience Pro Arte Sargent
$10 ASD487 Sullivan: Operatic Highlights Pro Arte Sargent
$125 ASD488 Neapolitan Songs Franco Corelli (tenor)
$100 ASD489|0 Bach,J.S: Sonatas for VioIin/Harpsd Menuhin Gauntlett Malcolm
$50 ASD491 Handel: Concerti Grossi 0p 6 (7-11) BFCO Menuhin
$30 $10 ASD492 Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto 2/Preludes Philh Pritchard Ogden
WRCST678 AA-8158/red CFP 194 $2000 ASD493 Bruckner: Symphony 9 (0/7) VPO Schuric
WRCST763 T763 $500 ASD494 Kodaly: Hari Janos/'l'chaikovsky/Gotovac VPO Kempe
$10 ASD495 Sullivan: Operatic Highlights Pro Arte Sargent
$70 ASD496 Poulenc: Les Biches/Dutilleux Le Coup/Milhaud PCO Pretre
$30 ASD497 Dohnanyi: Suite for Orch/Boutique Fantasque RPO Sargent
$50 ASD498 Music of India lmrat Khan et al
SLS5080 $80 ASD499 Bliss: Piano Concerto Philh Sargent Trevor Barnard
SXLP30294 $15 $5 $5 ASD500 Bach: Concerto in D/Handel/Vivaldi BFCO Menuhin Goossens
$100 ASD501 Bach,J.S: Christmas Oratorio Gewo Thomas
ASD502 Bach,J.S: Oratorios 1 & 2 Gewo Thomas
ASD503 Bach,J.S: Oratorios 3 & 4 Gewo Thomas
ASD504 Bach,J.S: Oratorios 5 & 6 Gewo Thomas
$75 $25 ASD505 Cantos de Espana PCO De Burgos De Los Angeles
$40 ASD506 Haydn: Symp 45/Mozart: Srnds K525/K239 BFCO Menuhin
$140 ASD507 Stravinsky: Pulcinella/Fairy's Kiss Philh Vandernoot
$40 $10 $5 ASD508 Vaughan Williams: Symphony 5 Philh Barbirolli
$100 $20 ASD509 Rimsky-K: Capr EsplMousrgskylBorodin0/9 RPO Pretre
$100 ASD510 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas 7/10 Yehudi/Hephzibah/Menuhin
$40 ASD511 Stravinsky: Oedipus Rex RPO Davis
T829 $80 ASD512 Tippett: Concerto for dbl strg Orch/Prokofiev BFCO Barshai
SREG1052 WRCSTP623 $275 ASD513 Glinka: Life for the Tsar/Gounod Faust Philh Kurtz
$180 ASD514 Mozart Eine Klein Nachtmusik/Schub Unfinishd VPO Kubelik
WRCST899 $30 ASD515 Bruckner: Mass 3 BSO Forster
$150 ASD516 Neopolitan Songs Franco Corelli
ESD 7165  $45 $10 $5 ASD517 Poulenc: Conc Two Pianos/Concert Champetre PCO Pretre
ODEON $60 ASD518 The Inimitable Sir Thomas' RPO Beecham
$300 ASD519 Hungarian etc Dances PCO Silvestri
$80 ASD520 Schumann: Sonata ZlPapillons Richter
Hi-Q $90 $10 $5 ASD521 V Williams: Tallis/GreensleeveslElgar SOL Barbirolli
$275 ASD522|4 Smetana: Bartered Bride Bambrg Kempe
$200 ASD525 Vienna Philharmonic on Holiday VPO Kempe
$70 ASD526|8 Bach: St John Passion BSO Forster
$140 ASD529 Italian Operatic Arias Francu Corelli
$125 ASD530 A French Recital De Los Angeles
ASDF 769 $1800 ASD531 Enescu Violin Son 3/Debussy Violin Son/Ravel Ferras Barbizet
SXLP30076p $300 ASD532 Rimsky-K: Coq D'Or/Kabalevsky: Comedians Philh Kurtz
$50 $15 ASD533 Mozart: Violin Concertos 4/6 BFCO Menuhin
$30 ASD534 Bach,J.S: Hunting Cant/Telemann:Canary Cant BSO Forster Fischer-Dieskau
CFP 109 $100 ASD535 Wagner: Das Rheingold excerpts SOBerlin KEMPE
ODEON CFP 154 $40 $20 ASD536 An evening at the Proms BBCSO Sargent
SXLP30314 $50 $10 $5 ASD537 Berlioz: Harold in Italy Philh Davis Menuhin
$50 ASD538 Liszt: Piano Recital Kentner
ODEON $20 ASD539 Music of India Vilyat Khan
$30 $10 ASD540 Elgar: Symphony 1 HO Barbirolli
CFP  40247 $50 $5 $5 ASD541 Sibelius: Finlandia, Swan, Karelia, En saga VPO Sargent
ODEON SXLP30268 Hi-Q $40 $10 $5 ASD542 Franck: Sym Vns/Tchaikovsky: Piano Conc 1 Philh Barbirolli Ogden
SXLP30305 $40 $10 ASD543 Verdi: La Traviata (hits) De Los Angeles Serafin
$40 ASD544 Schubert: Schwanengesang Fischer-Dieskau Moore
SXLP30152 WRCST822 $100 $15 ASD545 Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain PCO De Burgos Soriano
$25 $5 ASD546 Piano Recitai Ogden
$60 ASD547 Songs of Glinka Boris Christ-off
1963 Hi-Q ESD 7169  $25 $5 $5 ASD548 Elgar: Enigma variations/Cockaigne Philh Barbirolli
WRCST699 CFP40081 $300 $30 ASD549 Brahms: Double Concerto/etc Philh Kletzki Ferras Tortelier
$25 ASD550 Gluck: Orfeo & Euridice (hits) BSO Stein
$130 $60 $30 ASD551|2 Schubert: Winterreise Fischer-Dieskau Moore
100 ASD553 Wagner: Wesendonck Lieder etc FNRO Pretre Crespin
$30 ASD554 Corelli: Concerti Grossi Virtuosi di Roma Roma Fasano
$30 $5 ASD555 Wagner: Tannhauser Highlights Konwisch F-Dieskau et al
$50 ASD556 Wagner: Flying Dutchman Highlights Fischer-Dieskau et al
$50 ASD557 "A Castle Briihl Concert" Cologne  Soloists Ensémble
$35 ASD558 Great Sopranos of our Time
CFP 141 $50 ASD559 Shostakovich: Symphony 12 Philh Pretre
$150 ASD560 Arias Traxel
SXLP30297 $65 $10 $5 ASD561 Schubert: Wanderer Fantasy/Sonata in A  Richter
$40 ASD562 Weber: Der Freischutz Highlights Philh Keilberth
SXDW3029 $10 ASD563|4 Sullivan: Ruddigore Pro Arte  Sargent
$125 ASD565 Lieder Recital Erika Koth
$60 ASD566 Tchaikovsky: Eugen Onegin Highlights BavSO  Zalinger Prey
SLS 5106p $50 $10 ASD567 Mozart:Sinfonia Concertante/Haydn:Conc in C Menuhin
SRS 5094  $40 ASD568 ‘More Carols' Royal Choral Society Sargent
$40 ASD569 Mozart: Missa Brevis K220/Palestrina St Hedwig‘s Choir Forster
SXLP30152p $150 ASD570 Music of Spain PCO de Burgos
$40 ASD571 Massenet: Herodiade Pretre Crespin et al
$400 ASD572 Berg: Violin Concerto PCO Pretre Ferras
$100 ASD573 Brahms: Haydn Varns/Acad Fest Ov/Tragic Ov Philh Krips
$20 ASD574 Christoff sings ‘Tsars and Kings' Boris Christoff
$100 $20 ASD575 Mozart: Concerto for Flute&Harp/Telemann BFCO Menuhin
$75 ASD576 Gluck: Alceste Highlights Pretre
$25 ASD577 Handel: Water Music BFCO Menuhin
CFP 200 $150 ASD578 Prokofiev: Symphony 5 Philh Kletzki
$40 ASD579 Vivaldi Concertos Virtuosi di Roma Roma
$100 ASD580|1 Nicolai: Merry Wives of Windsor BavSO  Heger
SXLP30076p $130 ASD582 Rimsky-K: Tsar Saltan/Snow Maiden/etc Philh Kurtz
$30 ASD583 Poulenc: Stabat Mater/4 Motets PCO Pretre Crespin
SXLP30177 $30 ASD584 Bloch: Violin Concerto Philh Kletzki Menuhin
CFP 40053 $50 ASD585 Saint Saens: Symphony 3 PCO Pretre
$30 ASD587 Brahms: Sextet 1 Menuhin et al
$25 ASD588 Rossini: Stabat Mater BSO Forster
SLS 851 CFP 4426 $900 ASD596|7 Mahler: Symphony 9 BPO Barbirolli
$3000 ASD602|3 Bruckner Symphony 8 VPO Schuricht
SXP30187 Hi-Q Alto $50 $5 ASD608 Falla: Three Cornered Hat Philh De Burgos De Los Angeles
WRC ST1089 $300 ASD2284 Bruckner Symphony No.3 VPO Schuricht


  1. Apart from reminding me that I scratched a new original set of the Barbirolli Mahler 9, nearly 20years back, you should check the WRC list I provided..

    ST822 / 995 / 836 / 829 / 763 (not there: ASD 494) / 995 / 671: not there (ASD 337) / 899 / 673 / 646 / 632 / 596 / 558 / 543
    ASD467 is on ESD7161 c/w Weldon: Petite Ste
    Barbirolli's RVW5 had an ASD reissue c/w Tallis. SoL
    The Bliss Concerto is in an 4LP SLS box (can't be bothered to dig these 2 out..)
    Previously mentioned ASD608 had a direct SXLP reprint (30187).

    1. RVW5 with Halle, not the early ASD
      Mission accomplished otherwise except for AndyW list....

    2. Smartass.
      ASD2698 RVW Symphony 5/Philharmonia...Tallis Fantasia/Sinfonia of London
      Barbirolli's Halle Symhony 5 was from shellac -reissued on HMV Tresury c/w RVW conducting Symhony 4 (don't have that LP).
      Barbirolli Elgar Symphony 1 ASD2748 (Sym.2 ASD2749)

  2. Thanks much. I still have the WRC spreadsheet and I am sure I've dove into quite a bit, but at 1000 items long I got overwhelmed trying to link these to ASD. Sorry on 30187 as I've not really updated my table well past the end of the list here. I will get these in tonight.

    Andy provided a condensed list and I should line those up too. World Record Club is extremely rare and with the Australian pressings to boot I made need a spreedsheet vacation soon. When I first made my spreadsheet I did not know they were EMI pressings, so the few I saw did not make it in.

    We've had some discussion of German pressings and I listed a few French ones for the big titles. Does anyone have views on these, South African, South American, and other foreign pressings? I felt the British superior (much so to American Angel) to other pressings, so from my view as an American collector that is where I've focused the list.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Andy we want your performace sound ratings for asd. I will put them in. We underline the pressing that is rated so reissues fine.

    3. So is ASD Bruckner amazing?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. We are very conservative on sound rating.

  4. I have been trying to get hold of ASD-578 for years (Prokofiev's 5th being one of my favorite 20th century symphonies). Does anybody have a sense for how it might compare to the CFP issue? The earlier CFP issue has pretty good vinyl.

    1. I love Prokofiev, but not his symphonies so much (Classical, no. 1 excepted). Got the RCA recently reviewed, the Merc, and the Classic Everest reissue. I guess I can't connect with those performances fully and need a recommendation. (??)

      From Tin Ear's comment below it looks like the CFP is the same as the original, and so a great first purchase in order to sample and see.

  5. In case anyone is taking note of this stuff, I'd point-out that WRC ST1089 was issued 4 years >>after<< ASD2284.

    If anyone wishes to 'compare' ASD578 with CFP200 - then both vintages of transfer are on the same (black/white) LP - side 1 '2' is the original / side 2 '2G' is the recut......

    1. OK. I've added a Bruckner entry. I actually had this in my table, but did not put this one in not realizing the important Bruckner connection.

  6. I find Bruckner (like some Mahler) a bit of an acquired taste. It is amazing how much Schuricht recording go for, two of the most valuabe early ASD.

  7. Image hosting issues had prevented adding more hi rez photo links. Solved, so a back log of images just linked. Happy viewing.

  8. Finally got the ball rolling with some more nice images. Many of these from AQLs personal library of photos. Most of the major ASD Gold & Creams are available in high rez images now.

  9. Started filling in some of the lesser titles from the beginning of the list.

  10. ASD 326 is also available as WRC ST 609. Quite a fine sounding record, and rather less expensive than the ASD.
    Best regards, and thank you for the exceptionally helpful research.
    David M.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and information. Updated! We do have an article on WRC and another on the way:

  11. Up through ASD 300 complete except for a few missing titles.

  12. At ASD 288, Regal SREG 1049 appears to be incorrect. SREG 1049 is a match for SAX 2327.

  13. Hello

    First, your blog is a gem !

    I need your advise for Ferras' Tchaikovsky/Mendelssohn concertos with Silvestri.

    I'm torn between a EX Gold/cream hmv ASD278 for £82 or a NM SXLP 30122 reissue (early blue HMV concert classic) for £15.

    Which one should I take?

    Secondly, what about the Orange/black EMI WRC pressing? Dos they sound great?

    Thanks a lot.


    1. Thank you very much for checking out our blog! I think that for the money you would be better off getting the SXLP or WRC. This is a nice recording but I wouldn't put the gold and cream in the upper echelon of EMI/HMV records. You will most likely enjoy the less expensive reissues. Good luck!

    2. I would go for the WRC. They almost always reuse the exact same stampers as the original. All EMI pressings are good. I have SXLP 30122, but don't recall its sound. The stampers are 10 and 6G (side 2). The G is almost certainly not an original stamper.... Just searched popsike for 'ASD 278 matrix' and the stampers are 2/4. Our list does not show a WRC (World Record Club) version. It may take some time for me to listen to the SXLP as my vinyl rig is down for repairs and I'd have to try it on a friend's system. The price for the SXLP is a bit high. The SXLP might even sound better than the original, but it is hard to say. Unfortunately, we've not come to any exhaustive conclusions on the relative merits. A great way to check the sound of an ASD or SAX is to find an ebay listing with a sound sample. If that sounds recordy/shaky in digital form then you know to stay away. I actually have the ASD 278 pressing mentioned above, so it is in my listening pile I take to other systems. I'll report back in a couple weeks. I'd wait as neither price is great.

      For pure sound, the classic or analog productions reissues of Heifetz are hard to beat. I really love the Campoli Scottish Fantasy with the Mend VC. The STS or SDD Ace of Diamonds can deliver a rich carpet of base (but many of these lps with same stamper don't sound so good so very much a "hot stamper" situation I'm afraid.) The original blueback I don't have, but would love to get. Sadly just the London CS 6010 is sitting at $170 on ebay with over three days to go (yikes!)