Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dusting off some classic audiophile reading ...

In response to a dedicated follower, I thought I'd spill the beans and say that I've been fortunate enough to acquire copies of three "legendary" tomes of audiophile reading: 

1. The RCA Bible, by Jonathan Valin
2. The Golden Age of RCA, by James Mitchell
3. Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound, by Moon & Gray

These books have been out of print for several years and have been collectors' items themselves (the RCA Bible is available through for $250!).  After some hard searching and the invaluable help of my sister, who was amazingly able to pull some strings to help out her obsessed brother, I was able to land copies of all three without paying a dime.  Over the ensuing weeks to months, I will do my best to share some of the wisdom and passages from these volumes.  For those who have a passion for collecting audiophile classical records from the "golden age", I sincerely hope that you enjoy this reading.


  1. I have always wanted the RCA Bible. I've even met the author and still not been able to get one.

    There needs to be an EMI/Columbia bible.

  2. Need a Bible? tried to get one from Vain, no go, but did get a copy made at Kinko's spiral bound and on heavy paperboard like the original...

    1. Thanks I have one now. Sounds like you have a nice copy. How much did that cost from Kinko's?