Sunday, June 30, 2013

Decca SXL 2110

SXL 2110
Schubert The "Trout" Quintet

Clifford Curzon, piano
Members of the Vienna Octet

Pressing:  ED1 ("Original Recording By")

Condition:  NM


ZAL 3835-2D
ZAL 3836-2E

Performance:  10/10

Sound:  8/10

Comments:  Ever since I first became interested in chamber music (when I formed a piano trio with two friends from orchestra during high school), the Trout Quintet has been one of my favorite chamber works.  I have a number of different recordings of the work -- mostly digital -- but this one is quite special.  The sound is really quite intimate, and you get the feeling that you are in the same room as the performers.

This record has also been praised in the book "Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound":  "This performance has been much admired by critics since its arrival nearly 30 years ago. An English pianist and Viennese chamber ensemble make the most of Schubert's melodies and rapid changes of harmonic color. The sound quality of the record is like having the musicians in for an evening of music in your house." Given an 18/20. 


  1. The Curzon Vienna Octet recording is also one of my favourites. The recording balance is spot on.

    Another of my favourites is the Lansdowne String Quartet with Amyryllis Fleming, an original recording on WRC ST992

    1. Seems like I've got one of those RCA mastered/pressed Vanguards of the Trout that tickled my fancy though I am not sure the performance is world class.

    2. I haven't heard that one, but it sounds like a good recommendation. I had a copy of the Hephzibah Menuhin/Amadeus Quartet on EMI ASD and don't recall being impressed with the sound. There is also the Eschenbach/Amadeus Quartet on DG tulips. Anyone heard the Festival Quartet version on RCA?

    3. I have quite a few other Trout Quintets, these are the ones that are readily to hand:

      Alfred Brendel and the Cleveland Quartet on Philips 9500
      Members of the Melos Ensemble on HMV ASD 2328
      The Amsterdam Quintet on Fontana SFL 14042
      and Sviattoslav Richter with members of the Borodin Quartet on EMI ASD 4032 Digital

      As well as SXL 2110 I also have the same recording on SDD 18 with 5W/5W stampers

    4. How could I forget that Brendel/Cleveland Quartet recording ... very nice indeed. I have the CD.

    5. AndyW - You may prefer browsing as you have been doing, but in case you prefer a more organized approach, all reviews have been sorted out by label in the new index feature of the blog. Hope this helps!

    6. It certainly dos aqlam, thanks!