Sunday, August 4, 2013

Columbia SAX 2264 Oistrakh and Fournier in the Brahms Double

SAX 2264

Brahms Double Concerto, Tragic Overture

David Oistrakh, violin

Pierre Fournier, cello
Alceo Galliera, conductor
Philharmonia Orchestra

Pressing:  ER2
Condition:  EX

YAX 41-2
YAX 24-9

Performance:  10/10

Sound:  8/10

Price range:  $28-978, mean $207 on popsike

Comments:  This is the recording which sold me on the Brahms Double Concerto.  In its original blue/silver pressing, this record can fetch a fortune.  I snatched up a second label pressing of this -- which also was not cheap -- knowing that it would be very difficult to get an original copy in an affordable
 price range. As you can see, there is an interesting phenomenon with the cover of this record.  I guess with some of the pressings, EMI sold them in the mono cover (33cx 1487, rather than SAX 2264) and slapped a stereo sticker on the front.  That was a little disappointing, but this aside, I have not regretted this purchase.  This is, in summary, a lovely album.  Oistrakh and Fournier are a perfect duo for the Double, and their instruments truly sing on this record.  For an early SAX recording, the sound is excellent.  The soloists are well placed, and as I sit in front of my speakers, they seem to be playing right in front of me.  The Philharmonia directed by Galliera accompanies them very nicely.  While I wonder if the blue/silver could sound better, I am perfectly satisfied with this second label.  A benchmark recording of the Double Concerto for me.  The Tragic Overture is also given an exciting reading.

Update 7/31/15

I found a blue/silver copy for $3 and am posting images the actual stereo issue cover and first pressing label.


  1. Available on Concert Classic SXLP 30185 which would be more like a black and white pressing. For just a little bit more I intend to try the second pressing on this one. Perhaps, this will cure my aversion for 2nd pressings in the SAX line up.

    1. Just sneaked another copy of this on Ebay for ... $3. Some record dealer who was selling mostly rock and R&B had this listing for Buy It Now for $3. He rated it as good for cover and good for record with the comment "some slight surface marks from use". No info on pressing but I didn't care. It's probably a second label pressing or a postage stamp. Even if the record is beat up, I can upgrade my current cover which is actually a mono cover with a stereo sticker on it.

    2. Okay, just found out from the seller that it is in fact a BLUE AND SILVER! I will let you know how the record looks and sounds. If this ends up being a VG+ copy or better, that might be the lowest price this album has ever sold for as a first pressing!

  2. You lucky bastard!

    Nothing like getting a deal.

    1. Haha, let's just hope it doesn't arrive looking like a dog just chewed on it. Ain't no cartridge or phono stage gonna fix that problem.