Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vote for Your Favorite SAX's

A poll will be showing up on the sidebar. Vote as much as you like. If a favored SAX is not on the list please comment on this post! Remember to check everything you want to vote for before submitting your vote (or edit to make additions later). Here is the raw list including reissues:
SAX2253 Debussy: Claire de Lune/Suk/Wieiawski
Oistrakh Yampolsky SREG2019 SAXO2253

SAX2263 Dvorak: Cello Concerto/Fame: Elegie Philh Susskind Starker

CFP40070 $600

SAX2304 Mozart: Concerto 3/Prokofiev Concerto 2 Philh Galliera Oistrakh
SXLP30086p SXLP30155p $830

SAX2307 Brahms: Violin Concerto Philh Kondrashin Kugan SREG1095 SXLP30063

SAX2315 Beethoven: Violin Concerto FNRO Cluytens Oistrakh
$400 $90 $50
SAX2323 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto/Meditation PCO Silvestri Kogan

CFP 40083 $3000 $400
SAX2327 Borodin: Prince lgor/Moussorgsky/Rimsky-K Philh Matacic SREG 1049 SXLP30070

SAX2329 Lalo: Symphonie EspagnolfTchaikovsky Philh Kondrashin Kugan

CFP 40040 $7500

SAX2335 Mozart: Piano Concertos 20/23 Philh Boult Annie Fischer
$230 $35
SAX2350 Brahms: Symphony 4 Philh Klemperer

ASD2708 SXLP30214
$200 $10
SAX2352 Beethoven: Archduke Trio D Oistrakh Knushevitsky Oborin

MFP2117 CFP40006 $400

SAX2375 Prokofiev: Peter & Wolf/E Mozart: Toy Sym Philh Karajan

$120 $10 $10
SAX2386 Beethoven: Violin Concerto PCO Silvestri Kogan SAXF 162 CS 2132 - Connoisseur Society VIC-28088 Japan CVD 850 CFP 139 $10000

SAX2393 Mendelssohn: Midsummer nights dream Philh Klemperer

$150 $20 $10
SAX2394 Ravel: Piano Concerto in G/Conc for Left Hand PCO Cluytens Francois

CFP 40071 $400 $50
SAX2398 Mendelssohn: Symphony 4 Philh Klemperer

$125 $15 $10
SAX2411 Brahms: Violin Concerto ONRF Klemperer Oistrakh

SXLP30264 CFP 4398 $450 $30 $5
SAX2441 Mahler: Symphony 4 Philh Klemperer Schwarzkopf ASD2799

$200 $25 $10
SAX2454/5 Bruckner: Symphony 7 Philh Klemperer

$400 $30
SAX2463 Debussy: La Mar/Nocturnes Philh Giulini
$165 $25
SAX2476-79 Ravel: Orch Works V1: Daphnis & Chloe PCO Cluytens CFP 40376 CFP 40375 CFP 40093 CFP 40036 CFP 40323 $400

SAX2485 Schumann: Piano Concerto/Liszt Piano Com: 1 Philh Klemperer Fischer

$300 $50
SAX2497 Tchaikovsky: Symphony 5 Philh Klemperer

$130 $20 $15


  1. I'd like to add SAX 2264: Oistrakh and Fournier in the Brahms Double.I'm fortunte enough to have a Semi-Circle pressing. I've got testament reissue of SAX 2253 and 2315 but the sound is totally different from original pressing. The chararacteristic tube sound was lost.

    1. Great addition, Geoffrey. I think we had intended to list that one. We'll see if we can get it up there. I agree with your opinion ... I've got the blue/silver (out of sheer luck got it for $3) and semi-circle and both sound fantastic. I might even like my semi-circle a little bit more. It's interesting to hear your comment about the testament reissues. How would you describe the quality of the sound?

  2. Testament SAX 2304 also has no tube sound. We originally had 75 LPs's on this list, but too big. First poll with 50 LP's or so was unworkable. I chopped down for the latest poll to 20 working from the 50, and so I blame aqlam for that slight in the initial cut! SAX 2264 at $800 and ~170 Popsike entries it absolutely should have made the final list.

    That should have been in my Baker's Dozen. Thanks for the addition!

  3. I've heard testament SAX2386 with similar impression: exaggeration of high and low frequency instead of warm midrange, slightly narrowed sound stage and less reverberation.

    1. I'd warrant the Concert Classic CFP 139 could best it. My earlier reissue of SAX 2304 on Concert Classics SXLP30086 bests it on the Mozart piece with far superior midrange and retains tube warmth. We all await the Electric Recording company Kogan Beeth VC (SAX2386). I don't suppose you've had the pleasure of hearing the original?

  4. I'm still waiting for a chance to hear the original B/S edition of SAX 2386 (and other SAXs ). I've got the CFP40006 which sounds great on my system. My Taiwan edition of SXLP30168 also gives me much more pleasure than the testament SAX2315.

    Some audiophiles in asia prefer LP2CD edition of SAXs which were CDs transferred from ED1 B/S Vinyls:

    1. Geoffrey,

      That's incredible. I'd never heard of that being done commercially. Have you heard any of these CD transfers? How faithful are they? Thanks for informing us about these.

      Are you based out of Taiwan? I noticed from our blog stats that we get the most hits from the U.S., followed by Taiwan. Thanks for all your interest. If you're ever interested in posting a review of sorts or any other commentary, please let us know.

      As you can see, unfortunately, we weren't able to make any edits to the poll listing, since people had already voted. Next time!

    2. Taiwan editon of SXLP30168 Oistrakh Beethoven? I am afraid to ask if you've compared any Taiwan SXLP with the British SXLP. Afraid, because I don't see Taiwan pressings of SXLP anywhere. Was Taiwan edition pressed in England still? I am hoping to acquire the CFP of Beethoven soon (dealer inquiry).

      Vinyl on CD? Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria! Makes a lot of sense though when you are thinking about plunking down $10,000 on the original to buy one of these:

      I noticed my favorite Campoli Bruch Scottish Fantasy and Silvestri ASDF New World Symphony in their releases. A nice resource. Hi-Res digital of these LPs or something from EMI would be nice.... HDTracks has a few EMI including the Oistrakh Beethoven, but only 96khZ:

  5. I've heard both Kogan items. Decent solo violin sound, few surface noises, astonishing wide sound stage. According to an article in audiophile magazine here, it's rather difficult to differntiate between CD and original vinyl on his top-end system. I'll meet the author next weekend for further information.

    There are several companies, mostly from Japan to produce these CDs, icluding Spectrum Sound, Grand Slam, Opus Kura Mythos etc. HMV Japan online has most items but the overseas shipping fee is rather high.

    I've compared Taiwan ASD2926(Mendelssohn and Bruch concerto, Perlman, Previn )with British B/W poststamp pressing. Identical stampers and very subtle differences by A/B test. Almost the same front cover and back except one line of Chinese characters at bottom of back indicating the company authorized located in Tucheng Dist. Taipei county, Taiwan, just miles away from where my parents live now.

    The Taiwan SXLP 30168 stampers: YLX 1006-9 and 1007-26.

  6. Your CFP Kogan probably has the same matrix/stamper numbers as the $10,000 record. Ditto for SXLP30168. That is just a reference number. Even with London/Decca the stampers may be deceiving. I've got 1E pressing on second label of London. You would think it would have the blue back sound, it does not. It is a later pressing as indicated by the label; the label was the deciding factor, not the 1E. I've come over to the British approach of using labels, not matrix/mother/stamper. I've looked at a ton of London dead wax over the years!

    I don't like CD's, and would get LP (finishing up order and should have Kogan CFP Beethoven in a few weeks along with 100 other EMI). But, even for a CD hater like myself, these would be a great way to audition $1000 plus titles. You would get a much better feel for the tonal picture of the original LP than by a reissue EMI pressing. Frankly I find youtube and MP3 recordings adequate for this purpose which amazes me. People will record LP's and post them.

    I am willing to bet the Taiwan LP's say made in England on the label and so are British pressings. (?) Next time you visit your parents, you might see if the distributor is still around. Perhaps you could get unsold inventory at a nice price.

    Hopefully when you meet the author you'll hear for yourself.