Saturday, February 1, 2014

LP Week with AQL ... an inside look at a few of this week's highest grossing Ebay classical LP auctions

SAX 2307 UK B/S LEONID KOGAN - BRAHMS VIOLIN CONCERTO - KYRILL KONDRASHIN 01/29/2014 $1,813.00 Leonid Kogan strikes again with another one of his rare Columbia SAX recordings.  Grab a Kogan for less than $1000 and it's almost considered a bargain. Unless you've got the cash to burn, my advice would be to look for the Concert Classics SXLP pressing or the EMI Testament reissue, but even that may be out of print now. For SAX addicts only.

JOHANNA MARTZY SONATAS & PARTITAS 1 BELVEDERE SIGNED BY MARTZY'S DAUGHTER ! 01/27/2014 $1,484.00 A collector's find, but I suspect that the autograph played a role here, but seriously, the daughter's autograph? Overpriced.
UK Columbia 33CX 1287 JOHANNA MARTZY Violin Bach Sonatas 3/4 - SUPERB NEARMINT 01/26/2014 $2,224.00 The seller cashed in here. Average price is about $1100, though the highest payment for this was $4500. This makes the ERC reissue look like a bargain.

PAGANINI: CAPRICES FOR VIOLIN/RABIN/ORIGINAL CAPITOL STEREO/RARE/NEAR MINT+ 01/26/2014 $1,195.95 Another successful seller. This one has typically run for less than $1000.

KURT LEIMER SXL 2100 !!!! Very Rare !!!! Near Mint- !!!! 01/25/2014 $1,580.00 Certainly a rarity. This is the first time I've seen this one surface and there are only 12 listings on Popsike. The most this has sold for was over $3000.


  1. The Leimer SXL2100 is an interesting story. It has a green label IIRC and was a special commission by the composer who wanted to record his composition with the VPO. According to the story he is or was a very wealthy heir to one of the big German auto companies and got the VPO to do the recording with some big gifts. According to Decca producer John Culshaw in his "Putting the Record Straight" Leimer promised the VPO either cash or cars or a combination in large quantities if they would record one of his piano concertos. The record was a private issue and so explains its rarity.

  2. Hi, I think the Martzy Bach "unknown" recording is a fake record made by a swiss seller, who produced lots of brand new LPs in his own workshop and claim them as original or licensed issues. Be careful with it...
    Here is the opinion about the martzy fake:
    1) the record label has many fine/slim circle grooves, which indicates that the record was pressed from a 1980's LP machine - BELVEDERE is a private label and mainly release LPs in 1970s. I have come cross to quite a few BELVEDERE records and none of them show these grooves.
    2) The color of the vinyl is dark-coffee, clearly does not belong to the materials for Lp manufacturing in 1960s or 1970s, but rather like 1980s' materials.
    3) The record label has "A" and "B" marking the two sides, which is untypical for BELVEDERE labels, who usually are labeled with "1", "2"....
    Another case to take into consideration is the Navarra Bach cello suites sold by the same seller. His "brand new" copies are also with many micro circled grooves on the labels, similar to his other "brand new" records, including this Martzy one. I carefully compared his copy with the original french pressing Navarra Bach Cello Suites records, while the later has no such a 1980s' grooves on the label.
    To sum up, I believe the seller is faking rare records for profit.