Saturday, March 4, 2017

Readers' Poll: Favorite Chamber Music Recordings

This week, we'd like to ask our readers:

What are your favorite chamber music recordings?

Feel free to share with us your favorite recording(s), analog or digital, on the basis of performance and/or sound quality.  All thoughts are welcome!


  1. Replies
    1. Nonets certainly welcome!

    2. Whilst RCA/Living Stereo's are few, it might be better to have a pre/post 1970 stereo division (+digital) as this seems impossible due to the sheer quantities after 1970...

      Three Decca SDD's have SXL metalwork (Borodin/Shost - Beet/Spohr - Dvorak (your SXL pic) - but one that beats those (and my last CC listening) is a superbly fresh 1966 Philips (SAL3640/802 705) -I Musici in Wolf Italian Ser/Rossini Son a Quatrro 3/Mendelssohn Octet (latter had a Universo reissue); but would otherwise need to listen to far too many (for the 1st time!)

    3. OK - before any mad rush - I'll add Korngold SQ 1/3 (1978 Chilingirian: RCA RL25097 -can't vouch for the US LP..) and a nice set of Arnold's works on Hyperion (A66171-3: only have 1/3) breezily played by Nash Ens - DMM and apparently Analog (1984) - these LP's benefit from clean sound/good quality tape-stock/vinyl...and are Enjoyable.

  2. my ABSOLUTE all-time favourite in the domain of the recorded sound is chamber work.
    Johann Sebastian Bach
    Komm süßer Tod, BWV 478
    (a sacred song from Schemelli Gesangbuch arrenged for viola with organ accompaniment)
    favourite rendition:
    William Primrose, viola
    Vernon de Tar, organ
    recorded in late October, 1945 for Victor.
    i own this on both a mint, never been played later RCA Victor 78 rpm disc (cca 1949), and a transfer to CD for listening released by Biddulph.

  3. Way too large a topic to really deal with, so I'll propose just one, perhaps a little out of the ordinary: Nielsen String quartets op. 14 and 44. Kobenhavns Strygekvartet on Fona LPKS 539. Excellent, committed performances, great sound. Vinyl, of course.

  4. The old CBS Stern/Istomin/Rose recording of the Beethoven Archduke is an old favorite of mine which is underrated.

  5. Thank you for all the efforts that you have taken to share your love music with us during 2017 - it is particulary appreciated.

    It takes a lot of effort to organise a blog and I am very much aware that for all your energies very few people express their thanks for what you do. Most unrewarding.

    Do hope that you are enjoying the end of 2017 festivities and that we can look forward to more correspondence from you in 2018.

    All the very best and good health in 2018.

    Thank you and cheers,

    Douglas (UK)

  6. Hi there,

    Your blog seems to be in some prolonged period of hibernation?

    Do hope that you are all OK?

    Maybe it is in sympathy with the cutbacks in "National Treasures" which seems to be popular at the moment in the US?

    Anyways posted this to my most favoured download site "Diabolus in Musica" (located in VietNam - thought it might be worth posting to your site for comment and suggestions..........

    "On another issue: just about to finish my trawl through my collection of 5,000 vinyl LPs – mostly classical. Is there anyone out there less than 45 years old who like to take over the collection from me? No lists, no mailing – must collect."

    Any thoughts about where else to post it? I would ideally like a much younger person (hence under 45 years old) to have the opportunity of owning and appreciating all the music that I have collected over a lifetime - do not want it to go into an rubbish tip when they clear my house!!!

    Any correspondence to:, to establish and enable communication.

    Thanking you and all the very best for 2018.


    Douglas (UK)


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